(Ames, IA) Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina visited the Ames Conservative Breakfast on Thursday morning.  This was part of a three day, 15-stop swing through Iowa.  Fiorina said she would launch her campaign on May 4th.  Watch the video of her remarks and Q&A here or below.

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  1. Great, Down to earth, quiet, Common, Biblical sense. Morality and wisdom is NOT rocket science. In this country, it used to be taught in schools across the states, by the states, for the children of the states, where people Chose to Live and to govern each other, under the basics of the Constitution! WE need to look Closer to home areas for All of our answers. Looking to One Leader, leads to choosing a Dictator. We need a fellow US American, protecting our boundaries that we may succeed as a nation; Locally. How did we win WW-II? By All people doing ALL they they could for the One cause. IT was NOT WDC. In fact, we may have won sooner if WDC had less influence. Churchill fought the battle of Bureaucracy that almost cost England their freedom. Contrary to OSAMA and Hillary, this lady wants to lead, NOT Rule. Too bad she lost in Calif. The state and the USA would be in better shape at this point. BUT she needed the time to Battle Cancer and recover.

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