The world, at least the social media world, took note of former Olympian Bruce Jenner unveiling himself as “Caitlyn” Jenner.

President Obama even jumped in the fray on Twitter.

My intent is not to shame Bruce Jenner.  I can’t imagine how confused and conflicted he must feel.  Jenner is someone who has been fearfully and wonderfully made.  Jenner, like all of us, has been made in God’s image.  God does not make mistakes and God created Jenner as a man.

This didn’t seem to be an issue when Jenner was on the cover of Wheaties as an Olympic champion.  Caitlyn didn’t win those Olympic medals, Bruce did – as a male.  Yes, Bruce Jenner said Caitlyn was there all along in Jenner’s struggle with gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder.

It is considered a disorder… though some want it declassified because reinforces the traditional view of gender.

Since no one expects political correctness here let me submit to you this.  What would happen if we said we found our “true self” as something else?

What if I said, “I believe I am a vampire.”  I mean I really believed it.  I hated the daylight.  I craved to drink blood.  I hated garlic, etc.

I really think that is my “true self.”  I always felt like I was a vampire.

You would be ready to have me committed right?  You would think I required counseling.  There isn’t anyway most reasonable people would encourage that or congratulate me for this “discovery.”

No matter how much I believe I am a vampire that doesn’t make it so.  The same is true with Jenner.  “Caitlyn” is no more a woman than I am a vampire.  It’s not how we were designed and it is not something we are given a choice over no matter what exterior changes we make.

Should we treat Caitlyn Jenner with dignity?  Absolutely, but it doesn’t change what is true.  That our true self is how we are designed and our true identity can only be found in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Speaking as someone who once walked the same path as Caitlyn, it’s not as easy or as simple as some people seem to think it is. Believe me, it takes GUTS. Most of the people who are criticizing her so severely are – and I know this for a fact – so afraid to be put in her position they would sooner die than walk three feet in her shoes.

    Sure, she’s got money and influence and that will soften the blow somewhat, and it’s nowhere near as easy for the rest of us transgender people who have to transition while we are working and are far more exposed to face-to-face scrutiny and liable to face discrimination and persecution that could destroy our relatively uninsulated lives.

    This is her life. It’s her future. It’s not a publicity stunt or a joke where she will just say “gotcha!” after seeing the look on people’s faces. She is a strong, resolute person who is being pecked at by smaller, weak and embittered individuals who are too ignorant and small-minded to deal with what they faced with – someone who is more free to be honest and authentically themselves – than them.

    1. I didn’t call this a publicity stunt. You are right this is Jenner’s life. That wasn’t my point. My point is that one can’t change his or her gender no matter what they name themselves or what they do on the exterior.

      Ultimately when we find our identity in Christ, that is when we find our true selves and can be what God has created us to be.

      1. You’ve made a great point. Finding ourselves and expressing ourselves as Christians means something totally different.

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