Jindal at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit 2015
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)

Jindal at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit 2015Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)
Jindal at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit 2015
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s campaign released internal polling completed by Wes Anderson of OnMessage, Inc that shows Jindal with 8% tied for 4th place with Ben Carson.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leads with 23%, Donald Trump is in 2nd place with 13%, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is in 3rd place with 9%.  The was second in terms of likely caucus goer’s second choice.

The poll was conducted between July 19th – 21st among 600 likely GOP caucus goers, stratified by county according to historic trends.  It has a margin of error of +/-4%.

Normally I don’t put a lot of stock in internal polling.  However this does line up with what I’m seeing on the ground in Iowa.  Jindal gave a strong appearance at the FAMiLY Leadership Summit prior to this poll, and the town halls hosted by Believe Again PAC have been well attended.

It’s also a modest bump, 8% is not unbelievable, but it is a major improvement from where he has been polling.

So it does appear he’s gaining some ground.  I’ll be interested to see what an independent polls will show.

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