Photo credit: Lance Martens

Photo credit: Luke Martens
Photo credit: Lance Martens

(Ames, IA) Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina spoke on Friday at Iowa State University, approximately 200 attended the kickoff to the ISU’s Presidential Caucus Series. During her opening remarks, Fiorina talked about her strong belief that God has gifted every single person with potential that they have to pursue saying, “What you are is God’s gift to you. What you make of it is your gift back to God.”

Fiorina used this statement to lead into comments on her remarkable rise to success. “It is only in this country that a young woman can start off by typing and filing and answering the phones and go on, eventually, to become Chief Executive Officer of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world and run for the presidency of the United States. That’s only possible here.”

She criticized the current political class. “The political class has failed us…they don’t challenge the system, they do the best they can within the system.” She followed up these statements later with another remark, “Government can’t solve complicated problems until they can learn to solve fundamental problems.”

During discussion of accountability in our government, Fiorina stated,“Yet another Attorney General’s report comes out about another government agency that says that you can spend all day long watching pornography, online, and you will earn the same pay pension and benefits as someone doing a good job. Really? The latest scandal was that we have got a lot of government employees going online to some website where you can go to have an affair, Ashley something [Madison]? …Really? In any other business, in any other organization, if you spent all day online on personal business such as that, you would be fired, but no, not in the federal government.”

In answer to a question from the audience about how she plans to beat Hillary Clinton, she replied, “I know every single one of you out there, in your heart of hearts, you just cannot wait to see me debate Hillary Clinton, and that’s a fact. You know why? Because you know I tell it like it is…I have been saying for sometime publicly, and people said it was such a harsh statement, ‘Mrs. Clinton, why?’ about Benghazi, about her emails, about her servers. And now as more and more and more evidence comes out, the majority of American people know she lied.”

As part of her closing statements, she declared, “I can beat them [the Democrat candidate] because I will throw every punch we have, and we have a lot of punches to throw. Not in a below the belt way, not in an insulting way, in a fact based way. It is a fact that Mrs. Clinton lied about Benghazi.” 

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Disclosure statement: This contributor is currently supporting U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

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