Planned Parenthood Clinic in St. Paul, MN
Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue (CC-By-2.0)
Planned Parenthood Clinic in St. Paul, MNPhoto credit: Fibonacci Blue (CC-By-2.0)
Planned Parenthood Clinic in St. Paul, MN
Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue (CC-By-2.0)

As the Center for Medical Progress continues to release videos showing Planned Parenthood officials plotting to get more money for selling baby parts, the conservative response seems to be anger and disgust, followed by demands to do something about taxpayer funds being used in support of Planned Parenthood.

But there is a danger here. When Partial Birth Abortion techniques were first exposed ¬†by “Life Advocate” magazine in the mid 1990s, many people were outraged at the brutality of the procedure. After many years and millions of dollars lobbying, congress got a ban on the procedure with bi-partisan support. The procedure was banned. And the Supreme Court upheld the ban¬†(Read the late Paul DeParrie’s take on all of this). Of course, the SCOTUS also told abortionists exactly how to proceed with the killing, all the while avoiding the teeth of the new law. It is doubtful one life was saved for all our machinations. It was equivalent to telling a murderer to stop stabbing his victim. Strangle, shoot, burn to death, poison your victims, Yes! but please don’t stab them (It’s too gruesome).

Why are we more outraged that PP sells baby parts for cold, hard cash, than the fact that they kill thousands daily with impunity? I contend it is because we have collectively dulled our senses to the killing. When it is graphically placed in front of us, we can muster just enough determination to keep the reality of the killing away from our thoughts. That’s why only ending abortion for “pain-sensitive” babies is worse than doing nothing. It furthers the idea that it is worse if the babies feel pain. ¬†It’s worse if they sell off the parts at an auction? ¬†No, the real crime took place just a few minutes earlier. ¬†We are about to do it again. We are gonna waste time and energy to try and stop the sale of baby parts, while the slaughters continue unabated. ¬†Would we be any happier to find that PP decided to hold funeral services for the babies? ¬†And put them in caskets?

I agree that these videos of abortionists show how callous they have become (munching on salads, while they discuss dead baby parts) ¬†Aren’t we just as calloused when we are only moved by graphic displays? When we seek answers short of ending abortion altogether, we will find ourselves ineffective in stopping abortion.

Governor Mike Huckabee reminds us that is not enough to cut the bonus funds from Planned Parenthood, we must work to save the lives of every child scheduled for abortion. He has even suggested that federal troops might be used to stop abortion.

Can we quit being distracted by side issues and get down to bringing this Holocaust to an end?

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