Ted Cruz at the 2015 FAMiLY Leadership Summit
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)
Ted Cruz at the 2015 FAMiLY Leadership SummitPhoto credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)
Ted Cruz at the 2015 FAMiLY Leadership Summit
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign on Wednesday announced that it has named a chairman in all 171 counties that comprise the first four early states – 99 Iowa counties, 10 New Hampshire counties, 46 South Carolina counties, and 16 Nevada counties.

“The only way we will turn our country around is through a grassroots uprising of the American people, and I’m grateful for the many courageous conservatives in the early states who have stepped forward to lead that grassroots movement,” Cruz said.  “I’ve always known we would have a great organization, but having a leader the 171 counties that comprise the four early states is an incredible achievement.”

The campaign is also well-organized beyond the early states, having named more than 500 state team leaders in 19 states and one territory to date.

Full list of 340 county chairs and co-chairs announced in the first four early states to date are below:


Robin Schaecher, Adair County
Ed Carr, Adams County
Mary Keatley, Allamakee County
Dennis Keatley, Allamakee County
Revelyn Lonning, Allamakee County
Robin Oden, Allamakee County
Keith Schroeder, Allamakee County
Pastor Duane Smith, Allamakee County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Mark Waits, Appanoose County
Rep. Larry Sheets, Appanoose County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Ranae Schlater, Audubon County
Bethany Gates, Benton County
Janice Kendall, Benton County
Carol Hanson, Black Hawk County
Luke Offner, Black Hawk County
Carole Schoon, Black Hawk County
Jenni Stevenson, Black Hawk County
Tim Tierney, Black Hawk County
Pastor Rob and Jamie Ely, Black Hawk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Aaron Cronk, Boone County
Paul Dayton, Boone County
Mary-Anna Denton, Bremer County
Beth Augustine, Buchanan County
Kay Quirk, Buena Vista County
Pastor Tim Ried, Buena Vista County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Jeanette Davis, Butler County
Pastor Michael Davis, Butler County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Christy Ramthum, Calhoun County
Tom Schmitz, Carroll County
Emily Rouse, Cass County
Allen Kroeger, Cedar County
Bill Salier, Cerro Gordo County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Mark Bausch, Cerro Gordo County
Dan Ohlendorf, Cherokee County
Pastor Benjamin Scholl, Chickasaw County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Mary Burkheimer, Clarke County
Pastor Bradley Wallace, Clay County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Chelsy Askren, Clayton County
Scott Ernst, Clinton County
Sarah Smith, Clinton County
Kendal Esteves, Crawford County
Harrison Hoffmeier, Crawford County
Sandra Waldemar, Crawford County
State Rep. Steve Holt, Crawford County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
State Sen. Jason Schultz, Crawford County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Reverend David Loeschen, Crawford County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Leslie Beck, Dallas County
Shane Blanchard, Dallas County
Kevin Branstetter, Dallas County
Keith Trullinger, Dallas County
State Sen. Jake Chapman, Dallas County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Joel and Kelsey Kurtinitis, Dallas County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
State Rep. Ralph Watts, Dallas County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Pastor Bob Deever, Dallas County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Tom Allen, Dallas County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Chris Tjapkes, Dallas County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Spencer Keroff, Dallas County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Michael Goodwin, Davis County
Jacqueline Hatfield, Decatur County
Ron Bockenstedt, Delaware County
Shellie Bockenstedt, Delaware County
Brad Cranston Jr., Des Moines County
Rose Kendall, Des Moines County
Mike Roundtree, Des Moines County
Jim Sonneville, Des Moines County
Pastor Bradley Cranston, Des Moines County (also Statewide Leadership Team, 99 Iowa Pastors)
Rev. Charles and Dianne Stevens, Des Moines County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor David Selman, Des Moines County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Alan Detlefsen, Dickinson County
Patrick Vorwald, Dubuque County
Pastor Edward Mast, Dubuque County (also Statewide Leadership Team, 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Steven Britton, Emmet County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
LaRae Buhr, Fayette County
Olsen Kent, Floyd County
Sharon Elling, Franklin County
Austin Elling, Franklin County
Gary McVicker, Franklin County
Shawn Dietz, Franklin County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Jo Stessman, Fremont County
John Berg, Greene County
Kristi Berg, Greene County
Holly Voss, Grundy County
Lee Voss, Grundy County
Karen Lonsdale, Guthrie County
Steven Lonsdale, Guthrie County
Mary Merritt, Guthrie County
Denny Merritt, Guthrie County
Paul Jensen, Hamilton County
Sen. Dennis Guth, Hancock County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Pastor Gregory Baum, Hancock County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Curt Groen, Hardin County
George Nelson, Harrison County
Jason Conner, Henry County
Jessie Davis, Henry County
Philip Palmer, Henry County
Samuel Kramer, Howard County
Michael McKee, Humboldt County
Michelle Ober, Humboldt County
Tom German, Ida County
Kristi German, Ida County
Joseph Brown, Iowa County
Paul Kurt, Jackson County
Adam Vandall, Jasper County
Pastor John Desaulniers Jr., Jasper County (also Statewide Leadership Team, 99 Iowa Pastors)
James Elliot, Jefferson County
Caleb Reynolds, Johnson County
Matt Wells, Johnson County
Roseann Stivers, Jones County
Linda Stickle, Jones County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Rose Kessler, Keokuk County
Lyle Prunty, Kossuth County
Lorie Seager, Lee County
Amanda Broughton, Linn County
Stephen Hoffman, Linn County
Matt O’Neal, Linn County
Pastor Darran Whiting, Linn County (also Statewide Leadership Team, 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Kenneth Koske, Linn County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor William Graham, Linn County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Eric Cleveland, Linn County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Josh Mohror, Louisa County
Reginald McMeins, Jr., Louisa County
Pastor Michael McAfee, Louisa County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Larry Hirschy, Lucas County
Jason Unger, Lucas County
Randy Freerks, Lyon County
Landon Keim, Madison County
Sarah Keim, Madison County
Matt Schultz, Madison County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Sandra Plate, Mahaska County
Darrell Rogers, Mahaska County
Teri Rogers, Mahaska County
Pat Scanlon, Mahaska County
Pastor Don Thurman, Mahaska County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Katie Eubanks, Marion County
State Rep. Greg Heartsill, Marion County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Pastor A.J. Potter, Marion County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Andy Tuttle, Marion County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Greg Witzenberg, Marshall County
Erin Woods, Mills County
Loeckle Vincent, Mitchell County
Dick and Dorothy Schlitter, Monona County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Robert Van Sickel, Monroe County
Rod Goodemote, Montgomery County
Karan Johnson, Montgomery County
Carl Kleppe Jr., Muscatine County
Kenneth Miller, O’Brien County
Zach Wilson, Osceola County
Ron Richardson, Page County
Louis Schneider, Palo Alto County
Bert Stellingwerf, Plymouth County
Sen. Bill Anderson, Plymouth County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Robert Fonder, Pocahontas County
Weston Van Donge, Pocahontas County
Nancy Anderson, Polk County
Steve Bosen, Polk County
Joe Gleason, Polk County
Dominic Godinez, Polk County
Adam Horning, Polk County
Donald Jennings, Polk County
Pam Malone, Polk County
Gregory Malone, Polk County
Vance Nordaker, Polk County
Bianca Richards, Polk County
Anthony Seliquini, Polk County
E. Cecil Stinemetz, Polk County
Pastor Mike Demastus, Polk County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Adam Steen, Polk County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Richard and Betty Odgaard, Polk County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Steve and Amy Deace, Polk County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Pastor Mike Demastus, Polk County (also Statewide Leadership Team, 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Bob Deever, Polk County (also Statewide Leadership Team, 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Jeff Hill, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Tim Newman, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Doug Deford, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Dan McCoy, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Rev. Shane Wilson, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Judy Hundley, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor Wayne Almlie, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Pastor David Bush, Polk County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Dolores Brandt, Pottawattamie County
Sarah Haldeman, Pottawattamie County
Bill Hartzell, Pottawattamie County
Brenda Lyddon, Poweshiek County
Mary Jane Narigon, Ringgold County
Mark Jansma, Sac County
Rose Jaeger, Scott County
Prof. Gregory Tapis, Scott County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Michele Jones, Shelby County
Rob Driesen, Sioux County
Levi Vander Molen, Sioux County
Skyler Wheeler, Sioux County
Mick Snieder, Sioux County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
State Sen. Randy Feenstra, Sioux County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Allan Frandson, Story County
Chad Steenhoek, Story County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Linda L. Fisk, Tama County
Janie Lemke, Taylor County
Henry Lemke, Taylor County
Scott McLain, Union County
Sherri Hamann, Van Buren County
Rod Stevens, Wapello County
Pastor Travis Decker, Wapello County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Steven McCoy, Warren County
Mark Moberg, Warren County
Pastor Jonathan Ribble, Warren County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
David Harder, Washington County
Tim Harder, Washington County
John Woodward, Washington County
Marlin and Becky Bontrager, Washington County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Pastor Joseph Brown, Washington County (also 99 Iowa Pastors)
Ann Garber, Wayne County
Barbara Bodling, Webster County
Kirk Kelley, Webster County
Betty Davids, Winnebago County
Paul Rael, Winneshiek County
Mark Anderson, Woodbury County
Christina Lang, Woodbury County
Darla Jean Williams, Woodbury County
Jason Hamann, Woodbury County (also Statewide Leadership Team)
Diane Vanhorn, Worth County
Dan Watkins, Wright County

New Hampshire

Representative Guy and Barbara Comtois, Belknap County
Selectwoman Rosemary Landry, Belknap County
John and Valeria Blomstedt, Carroll County
Sylvia Manley, Carroll County
Al Rickheit, Cheshire County
James Davis, Coos County
Robert Cone, Coos County
Representative Duane Brown, Grafton County
Patrick Wentmore, Grafton County
Representative Rick Christie, Hillsborough County
Chuck and Di Lorthrop, Hillsborough County
Representative Jeanine Notter, Hillsborough County
Representative Tim and Linda Twombly, Hillsborough County
Representative Bill Kuch, Merrimack County
Pastor Tom Peetz, Merrimack County
Representative Carol Bush, Rockingham County
Sandy Geisler, Rockingham County
Steve Goddu, Rockingham County
Representative Dick Gordon, Rockingham County
Warren and Nancy Kindler, Rockingham County
Former Senator Fenton Groen, Strafford County
Representative Warren Groen, Stafford County
Former Representative David Scott, Stafford County
Dennis Giannotti, Sullivan County

South Carolina

Sheila Leviton, Abbeville County
Dale Keck, Aiken County
Mike Crosby, Allendale County
Cheryl Cuthrell, Anderson County
Michael Carr, Bamberg County
Katy and Clifton Baker, Barnwell County
Konnie Wilson, Beaufort County
Scott Bell, Berkeley County
Heidi Mercer Haynes, Berkeley County
Cindy Shafer, Berkeley County
Dwayne McClure, Calhoun County
Greg Gormley, Charleston County
Debbie Jones, Charleston County
Kimberly Moore, Charleston County
Nikki and Chad Hutchins, Cherokee County
Linda Edwards, Chester County
Erin Mosley, Chester County
Zackary Chapman, Chesterfield County
Deborah Ross, Clarendon County
Joseph Harrison, Darlington County
John Smith, Dillon County
Judy and Steven Anderson, Dorchester County
Franklin Y. Smith, Dorchester County
Scott Cooper, Edgefield County
Terry Cummings, Fairfield County
Charlotte Hendrix, Florence County
Kris Alan Kelly, Georgetown County
Nicolle Lutz, Georgetown County
Mandy and Adam Grant, Greenville County
Julie Hershey, Greenville County
Samuel Hogan, Greenville County
Peter Simms, Greenville County
Peggie Bushey, Horry County
Jean Hampton, Horry County
Bill Burns, Jasper County
Shelby Price, Kershaw County
Marcia and Steve Yaffe, Lancaster County
Jon Orcutt, Laurens County
Mary Hill, Lee County
Rich Bolen, Lexington County
L G Winkler, Marion County
Peter Robbin, Marlboro County
Pamela Shumway, McCormick County
Sandra Hunter-Lewis, Newberry County
Carol Hall, Oconee County
Judy Battle, Orangeburg County
Ron Nester, Orangeburg County
Phyllis Kelley, Pickens County
Rick Tate, Pickens County
Deb Marks, Richland County
Justin Scarpaci, Richland County
Sheryl Gootee, Saluda County
Margaret Burns, Spartanburg County
Caroline Richardson, Sumter County
Linda Trotter, Sumter County
Greg Addison, Union County
Chad Cheras, Williamsburg County
Holly Borei, York County
Karen and Duane Christopher, York County
Marlene Mitchell, York County


Scott and Leslie Woodworth, Carson City
David Colburn, Churchill County
Mark Howells, Clark County
Dennis Vereschagin, Douglas County
Dave Buser, Elko County
Matthew Yarborough, Esmeralda County
Laurance Etter, Eureka County
David Schirrick, Humboldt County
Doug Stanton, Lander County
David Hurd, Lincoln County
Kimber Crabtree, Lyon County
Robert Canfield, Mineral County
Ed Goedhart, Nye County
Mitch Bruck, Pershing County
Clay Mitchell, Storey County
Mendy Elliot, Washoe County
Jed Peeler, White Pine County
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