(Dubuque, IA) Today Planned Parenthood of the Heartland announced its plans to close its Dubuque center in the near future.  Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc. calls this “Very Good News!”

“Today marks a victory for women and their unborn children in eastern Iowa,” says Marian Bourek, Executive Director of Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc.  “For nearly 8 years Dubuque County Right to Life Inc.’s faithful and loyal picketers have stood in opposition to Planned Parenthood for every hour of operation in Dubuque.  Today we take a moment to celebrate the fruit of this labor and the spreading of a more just society for every human person, beginning at conception until natural death.  In the wake of Planned Parenthood leaving, DCRTL Inc. will double down on its efforts to raise awareness and spread the Culture of Life at every opportunity.  While this announcement is a victory for our community, we mourn also the countless lives lost and women scarred by abortion in Dubuque and across the nation.  DCRTL, Inc. will continue to work to educate the public on all life issues, until every mother and child are welcomed and supported with the resources they need to live in dignity.”

The truth is prevailing.  Dubuque chooses life!

Nineteen innocent babies have been saved in Dubuque due to the peaceful presence of DCRTL in front of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility.  DCRTL’s protesters do much more than simply protest.  They offer women and families support and positive solutions to their crisis pregnancies.  Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc. will continue all its educational efforts until that victorious day when the deadly Roe v Wade decision is overturned in the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Standing up for defenseless preborn children goes far beyond a ‘cause’ or an ‘issue,’ it strikes at the heart of who we are as human beings,” says Bourek.  “The violence in Dubuque will soon be decreased.”

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