Ted Cruz speaks at the Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames, IA.

Ted Cruz speaks at the Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames, IA.

(Ames, IA) U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) rallied hundreds of voters at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames, IA on Saturday morning. The room was filled to capacity and people were spilling out into the hallway to hear from Cruz and syndicated radio and TV host Glenn Beck.

This was one of five stops Cruz made campaigning on Saturday. Today he has stops planned in Iowa City, Eldridge and Des Moines. He completes his “full Grassley tour” (hitting all of Iowa’s 99 counties) on Monday prior to the Iowa Caucuses with stops in Jefferson and Marion before heading to his caucus night watch party in Des Moines.

Watch remarks from Cruz:

Cruz’s wife Heidi also spoke:

Glenn Beck introduced Cruz:

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