Donald Trump at a town hall in Derry, NH 0n 8/19/15. Photo credit: Michael Vadon (CC-By-SA 4.0)
Donald Trump at a town hall in Derry, NH 0n 8/19/15.
Photo credit: Michael Vadon (CC-By-SA 4.0)

Donald Trump loves to accuse Ted Cruz of lying. Anytime Cruz says anything about his record that is negative, no matter how factual, “he’s a liar.” This was a result of a Cruz staffer, not Cruz himself, sending out an email that Ben Carson was not going on to New Hampshire or South Carolina after the Iowa Caucus, but was going home to rest (I’m paraphrasing) you can read about it here.

How many times has Donald Trump himself lied?

Well yesterday afternoon at a rally in Sparks, NV Trump said Cruz left Nevada before the caucuses took place.

Marco Rubio and John Kasich were not in Nevada when the caucuses were held. However, as Conservative Review points out, numerous media outlets had reports of Cruz speaking at different caucus sites.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg so Trump has zero business calling anyone a liar.

Let’s recap some of the lies that he has told recently:

And much, much more. If anyone has an issue with the truth in this race it’s Donald Trump.

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