Iowa Republicans will go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for the party’s nominee in various federal and state legislative races.

I wanted to share my preferences in these races, but for the sake of time I’m listing my preferred candidate in each race with no commentary. Any race not listed means that I can not endorse in that race because I can not support that candidate, because I lack information about the candidates or there isn’t a Republican candidate running.

U.S. Senate:

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley

U.S. House of Representatives:

  • 1st Congressional District: Congressman Rod Blum
  • 3rd Congressional District: Congressman David Young
  • 4th Congressional District: Congressman Steve King

Iowa Senate:

  • Senate District 2: State Senator Randy Feenstra
  • Senate District 4: State Senator Dennis Guth
  • Senate District 8: Al Ringgenberg
  • Senate District 10: State Senator Jake Chapman
  • Senate District 12: State Senator Mark Costello
  • Senate District 14: State Senator Amy Sinclair
  • Senate District 20: State Senator Brad Zaun
  • Senate District 22: State Senator Charles Schneider
  • Senate District 24: State Senator Jerry Behn
  • Senate District 28: State Senator Michael Breitbach
  • Senate District 32: Craig Johnson
  • Senate District 38: State Senator Tim Kapucian
  • Senate District 40: State Senator Ken Rozenboom
  • Senate District 42: Ralph Holmstrom
  • Senate District 46: Mark Lofgren

Iowa House of Representatives:

  • House District 1: State Representative John Wills
  • House District 2: State Representative Megan Hess Jones
  • House District 3: State Representative Dan Huseman
  • House District 4: Skyler Wheeler
  • House District 5: State Representative Chuck Holz
  • House District 6: Jim Carlin
  • House District 7: State Representative Tedd Gassman
  • House District 8: State Representative Terry Baxter
  • House District 9: Gary Waechter
  • House District 12: State Representative Brian Best
  • House District 13: Shaun Broyhill
  • House District 16: State Representative Mary Ann Hanusa
  • House District 17: State Representative Matt Windschitl
  • House District 18: State Representative Steven Holt
  • House District 19: State Representative Ralph Watts
  • House District 23: State Representative David Sieck
  • House District 25: State Representative Stan Gustafson
  • House District 27: State Representative Joel Fry
  • House District 28: State Representative Greg Heartsill
  • House District 30: State Representative Zach Nunn
  • House District 37: State Representative John Landon
  • House District 38: State Representative Kevin Koester
  • House District 38: State Representative Jake Highfill
  • House District 40: Eric South
  • House District 43: State Representative Chris Hagenow
  • House District 45: Sondra Childs-Smith
  • House District 48: State Representative Rob Bacon
  • House District 50: State Representative Pat Grassley
  • House District 53: Barbara Hovland
  • House District 57: Shannon Lundgren
  • House District 58: Joshua Sundstrom
  • House District 59: Drew Speer
  • House District 60: State Representative Walt Rogers
  • House District 63: State Representative Sandy Salmon
  • House District 65: Harry Foster
  • House District 67: Ashley Hinson
  • House District 72: State Representative Dean Fisher
  • House District 75: State Representative Dawn Pettengill
  • House District 76: State Representative David Maxwell
  • House District 77: Royce Phillips
  • House District 78: State Representative Jarad Klein
  • House District 79: State Representative Guy Vander Linden
  • House District 80: State Representative Larry Sheets
  • House District 84: State Representative David Heaton
  • House District 91: State Representative Gary Carlson
  • House District 92: State Representative Ross Paustian
  • House District 97: State Representative Norlin Mommsen

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