Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

The viable choices the Lord’s Providence  has given us for President don’t bode well for our country, at least for the foreseeable future. At least half of the American voted for these two candidates (Socialist Bernie Sanders was third best vote getter). Many Christians  are struggling with what do. A few will vote for Mrs. Clinton or a third party candidate; most others will vote for Mr. Trump or sit it out altogether.

Those followers of Christ who vote for Clinton may be saying “Better the devil I know, than the one I don’t know.” They might see Trump as a bully who will abuse or trample anything in his way including the Constitution (The same could be said for Clinton).

There are two main arguments given for voting for Trump. The first is named “Hillary”, the second is named “Clinton”.

Shane Vander Hart laid out a beautiful defense of voting your conscience (or rather not voting against your conscience), Therefore, beware, those of you who try to get Christians to do that very thing.

By the same token, I am not sure why conservatives spend so much time and energy “dissing” Trump. Are voters not permitted to vote for Trump with a clear conscience? (This coming from someone who will vote for neither major party candidate (GOP or the Democrat) I spent plenty of time in 2012 defending my right not to vote for Mitt Romney, while not trying to convince others to join me. I will do the same thing this time, Lord willing.

I am puzzled by all the fuss about Donald Trump being crowned head of the Republican Party. Why is there not a single well-known GOP candidate running for President?  Wouldn’t a credible conservative candidate win against these two hated candidates? Ted Cruz? Jim Demint? Jeb Bush? Bill Kristol? Marco Rubio? JC Watts?  Somebody?  I might even vote for Pat Paulsen, if he runs again?

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