Congressman David Young (R-IA) visited the Vermeer Corporation in Pella on July 27, 2016.
Congressman David Young (R-IA) visited the Vermeer Corporation in Pella on July 27, 2016.
Photo credit: Congressman David Young’s office

Congressman David Young (R-Iowa) leads his Democratic challenger, Jim Mower, in a new poll taken of likely voters in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race.

Young leads among a plurality of voters – 45% to Mower’s 32%. However, 23% of voters are undecided. Young leads among conservatives polled – 78% to 11% with 11% undecided. Mower leads among those who self-identify as moderates – 41% to 32% with 27% undecided. Unsurprisingly Mower leads among self-identified liberals – 68% to 8%. What is surprising, however, is that 24% of liberal voters say they are undecided.

The poll also indicates his greatest strength is among men 55 or older, leading Mower 50% to 34% with that group. He also leads among men age 18-54 by a 45% to 28% margin. He also has advantage among women age 18-54 by a 42% to 30% margin. He only leads Mower by two points among women 55 and above.

If I were Young, as an incumbent Congressman, be very concerned by the high number of undecided voters there are at this point in the race.

The poll was conducted on July 13-14, 2016 by WPA research on behalf of America Wind Action of 501 likely voters. The margin of error is +/-4.9%.

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