Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Tonight will be the first of three debates between Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee for President, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. Lester Holt of NBC News will be the moderating the debate. The debate is scheduled to start at 8:00p (CDT)/9:00p (EDT) and will start live blogging some time before then.

Check below for updates. The most recent update will be at the top. You will have to refresh your browser for updates.

9:46p – David French brings up a great point, but I’ve got to point out that the general electorate is different than the primary electorate.

9:42p – Ok, I’m done… That was the most painful debate I have ever watched. I need to detox.

9:39p – The last question on whether or not they will support result of election was dumb. Trump was good at the start, but after he was challenged on his tax returns it was downhill after that. Many of his answers were incoherent, his attacks fell flat. If Clinton doesn’t go up in the polls after this I will be shocked.

9:37p – Donald Trump whining about the negative ads doesn’t convey strength.

9:34p – How many times can Trump say stamina.

9:31p – Hillary Clinton talking about her word… More people believe in Sasquatch than believe she is trustworthy.

9:30p – This has to be the worst debate performance from a Republican that I can remember.

9:27p – Trump calling Hillary Clinton cavalier on how she addresses other countries is rich.

9:25p – A good summary.

9:22p – Trump’s insistence on fact checking his opposition to the Iraq War is mind boggling… Move on.

9:17p – Trump: You started that Iran deal… that was a real beauty.

9:16p – Hillary’s appeal to fact checkers is pretty lame.

9:14p – This debate bores me.

9:12p – Yep. A golden opportunity lost.

9:10p – Both suck on Russia. Trump says we don’t know it was Russia who hacked into the DNC. Most people seem to think that though. Re. endorsed by ICE, obviously talking about immigration officer association since a Federal agency can’t endorse.

9:08p – Birther debate hurt Trump…

9:07p – Trump started off well and is now losing steam.

9:03p – I’m not a birther, but it’s not a racist thing. This issue was brought up with John McCain as well.

9:01p – Ok, NYC murder rates did spike in 2015.

8:59p – What’s up with this???

8:56p – Trump was wrong about the New York City murder rates. They are still at historic lows.

8:54p – Oh good, Hillary Clinton wants to skirt around due process and deny somebody their constitutional right to bear arms based on the no fly list… We have no idea how people get on those lists.

8:53p – Hillary’s assertion is untrue.

8:52p – Trump provides some solutions in this round… I may not like the solutions. Clinton falls back on guns and racism.

8:50p – This shoots down both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s assertion.

8:49p – Stop and frisk was a bad policy. A little thing called the 4th Amendment…

8:48p – A good point.

8:47p – Clinton wants to keep guns from those who shouldn’t have them. We already have laws that should prevent that. Trump – we need law and order.

8:44p – Hillary Clinton: “Everyone should be respected by the law, and everyone should respect the law.”

8:43p – Tax talk hurt Trump.

8:41p – Hillary’s claim that her emails were “just a mistake” is the best answer she could possibly give, and wholly inadequate. Trump needed to keep hammering her on that.

8:40p – Hillary’s attack on Trump “stiffing” contractors is rather effective.

8:38p – Trump hammering on national debt. “We are a debtor nation, we are a serious debtor nation.”

8:36p – Trump says not paying federal taxes is smart.  Um, there is no way he could legitimately not pay taxes. I don’t believe for a second he paid nothing in federal taxes. A stupid assertion.

8:35p – Trump should have to release tax returns. The audit excuse is lame.

8:33p – As soon as Hillary Clinton releases 33K emails that were deleted I’ll release tax releases.

8:32p – Oops.

8:31p – Kudos to Trump for going after the Federal Reserve for being political, brings up interest rates.

8:30p – “Inclusive growth” drink.

8:29p – This.

8:25p – Now we are getting some tussle back and forth. Trump: “You have been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.” Huh?

8:24p – Trump’s plan will cut taxes and Hillary’s plan will raise taxes. That is truth. It just is. Her plan will increase taxes on those who are self-employed, not just the wealthy.

8:22p – Hillary’s assertion that her economic plan will create 10 million jobs is ludicrous.

8:19p – Trump appears to be more credible on the economy thus far.

8:17p – Hillary Clinton says she’ll create 10 million new jobs from green energy…. Wow, fantasy land.

8:16p – So far this has been pretty tame.

8:14p – Lester Holt is drilling down on Trump for specifics regarding keeping jobs at home.

8:13p – Over $100 million is a small amount Donald? Really?

8:11p – “Trumped up trickle down economics” ugh…

8:09p – Hillary Clinton talks about spreading the wealth, Donald Trump talks about jobs leaving. Trump says they both agree on federally subsidized child care… Oh yay!

8:08p – First lie in the debate by Hillary Clinton – “Donald it is good to be with you.”

8:07p – Hillary: make the economy fairer…. drink….

8:05p – No red power tie from Donald Trump, he wears blue. Hillary’s red pantsuit is blinding.

8:04p – Ben Shapiro is in top form on Twitter.

8:02p – Yes!

8:00p – Not so sure this is appropriate for tonight….

7:52p – Pithy tweet from Bill Kristol.

7:51p – Tweet from Russell Moore cracked me up.

7:49p – I’m finding that the NBC live stream is acting hinky so I’m going to try Fox News’ live stream. For whatever reason the NBC stream loops. It’s weird.

7:43p – Started watching the live stream. Two members of the Commission on Presidential Debates warned the audience that this debate is not for them, but for the TV audience. They say their is to be no sound, no clapping or cheering. Interesting.

4:09p – If you are not sure where to watch tonight’s debate. We have a live stream from NBC News embedded at Caffeinated Thoughts for your convenience. Catch that here, and keep track of the live blog in a different tab.

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