I’ve been clear since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination that I could not vote for him with a clear conscience. He lacks character, he is dishonest, he has a dangerous temperament, and is basically unfit to be President of the United States.  I also could not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton as she is a statist, radically pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty, dishonest and someone who can’t be trusted with a security clearance to name just a few reasons. She is supremely disqualified for office herself. I’ve written extensively about these two.

So looking at some of the third party/independent candidates, and because some will ask why I ruled certain choices out, I want to share some reasons why.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, lost a chance to have my vote with his position on abortion and religious liberty. I also believe he is out of his depth on foreign policy. I’ve written about what I saw was his four fatal flaws. I will say that I believe he is far more qualified for office than either Trump or Clinton, but that’s a pretty low bar this year.

I also looked at the Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle. While he and I are probably closely aligned on a lot of issues, I don’t believe he has the type of experience I am looking for. I’m not big fans of personal injury attorneys, but what I could not get past was his willingness to adopt conspiracy theories. He is a birther. He believes German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a descendant of Adolf Hitler and that she hates the German people (I’m sure that would be just swell for foreign relations). He believes the U.S. is conditioning soldiers to shed American blood. He then appears to be a 9/11 truther. This is just what I’ve been able to find. No thank you.

I have decided that I will be voting for Evan McMullin on Tuesday.

McMullin got into the race late, but he brings with him an interesting resume. He has served his country as a counter-terrorism operative with the Central Intelligence Agency. He earned an MBA and was an investment banker after leaving the CIA. After that he was a senior advisor for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and previous to announcing his candidacy he was the chief policy director for the House Republican Conference.

I am not voting for him because I think he is a perfect candidate, he is not. There are no perfect candidates in this race. I am not voting for him because I necessarily think he will win. He is a long shot, but if the election is close and he wins the state of Utah which is not outside the realm of possibility he could be disruptive to both Trump and Clinton should the decision land with the House of Representatives.

My vote in Iowa is not going to help him accomplish that particular goal however, but he did work to make the ballot in my state and he has earned my vote.

I am sending a message of protest. I am done voting for “the lesser of two evils.” I have a line that I will not cross. I am not voting out of fear, but out of principle.

Here are my top 10 reasons for supporting Evan McMullin.

  1. He is a decent man, a man of character.
  2. He is pro-life.
  3. He has a record of service to others.
  4. He understands foreign policy and threats to our national security.
  5. He believes in smaller, limited government.
  6. He believes in the separation of powers and against an imperial Presidency.
  7. He wants to protect religious liberty for all at home, and promote it abroad.
  8. He wants to return power taken by the federal government and return it to the states.
  9. He plans to appoint judges that will uphold the Constitution as originally written and understood.
  10. He wants to get government out of the way so the private sector can create jobs.

I could also add that he is the sane choice, but this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. If you are undecided and you want a different choice to what the major parties are offering I encourage you to give him a look.

Also, I would also encourage you to read Adam Graham’s endorsement of McMullin. My daughter Kelvey also endorsed him last month.

      1. I will check him out. As of right now I am going with Johnson. As for throwing my vote away. I would rather throw it away than to vote for people that have such low morals.

    1. Leigh, If you are concerned about low morals, I don’t think Johnson is your guy. He is Pro-abortion and check out the libertarian national convention.

  1. …You just publically stated Trump is unfit to be President, placing your opinion over the framers of the constitution who have no requirements for Presidency regarding character, ethics, values, or what someone has done in the past. Elections are part of a secular institution, so there are no biblical rules for the believer to adhere to.The only productive position I see is applying my vote for one of the two candidates who actually are in the running…..based on which platform will best provide religious freedom and a peaceable existence. If my righteousness and moral superiority are the goals, then a vote for a third party is merely a vote of self pride. Opinions when used to influence other peoples decisions is carnal, not spiritual. But of course that is just my fleshly opinion…

    1. “But of course that is just my fleshly opinion.”

      Yes it is. Voting my conscience has nothing to do with self-pride, the fact you would even write that is mind-boggling. BTW, I think we can apply standards beyond being a natural born citizen and 35-years-of-age when determining whether a candidate is unfit. I didn’t say he was not constitutionally qualified to run.

      1. What is actually mind boggling is How you have been deceived to actually believe your personal conscience outweighs the whole. A soldier dies to protect the freedoms of ALL(the whole). A martyr dies for Christ(the whole). Your actions and words show NO care about the outcome(the whole), only yourself and your own self righteousness, which is self PRIDE. It is what it is. I will sacrifice myself for the whole.

    2. Also you are doing the same thing you accuse me of. I’ve been pretty clear ever since I announced I was in the Never Trump camp that people should vote their conscience – their conscience – not mine. I have no problem and understand the logic of a person voting for Trump to block Hillary. I don’t share the same optimism about a potential Trump presidency, but I understand why they are voting that way.

      My response to them – vote their conscience – if their conscience is telling them to vote for Trump then they should do that.

  2. Just for your information, Darrell castle is not a birther. he does have issues with forced vaccination, not sure what other conspiracies he subscribes to but birtherism is not one of them ( this applies to both Obama’s and Ted Cruz’s natural born status).

    You’re so right, throwing your vote away is when you vote for the lesser of two evils.

  3. Awesome post! Thank you so much Shane for sharing your reasons for supporting Evan McMullin In Iowa!! I am here in the “battleground” of Utah hoping and praying to be a part of making history with a McMullin win and to “Deny 270” electoral votes to the two deplorables.

    I agree with everything on your list! And, I’ll add that being able to vote for Evan McMullin provides so much peace of mind, in the middle of so much turmoil! I have a clear conscience. I know I’ve done my part to choose a good and qualified leader.

    It’s exciting to see literally millions of people across the entire USA eagerly choosing to vote for Evan McMullin because they recognize all of the reasons you’ve listed, and more. I believe when people reject fear and choose to act in faith, God will magnify our efforts. We are putting Principles over Party, and putting our trust in God to bless and save this land we love.
    Go Team McMullin! – Holly

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