The Center for Medical Progress released a new video on Wednesday with footage previously not released before and it is disturbing.

The new video shows Dr. DeShawn Taylor, previous Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona and longtime abortion provider at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, graphically describing how to deliver intact fetuses in late-term abortions to harvest high-quality body parts, and indicating possible cover-up of infanticide.

The Center for Medical Progress videos have recorded top-level Planned Parenthood leaders negotiating the harvesting and sale of the hearts, lungs, livers, and brains of aborted fetuses for financial benefit.

At a networking reception at a Planned Parenthood conference, CMP investigators posing as buyers from a biotech company are introduced to Dr. Taylor by Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services.

Taylor in the partial transcript below affirms that she does elective abortions up to 20 to 24 weeks. She also describes the issues she faces with staff when the aborted pre-born baby looks like a baby. She also indicates that Arizona state law regarding pre-born babies surviving an abortion may be skirted depending on who is in the room with the abortionist.

CMP Undercover Investigators: “It’s good to know that someone is kind of constantly going up to 20 to 24 (gestation) weeks, especially when someone wants to neural (brain) tissue..

Taylor: uh huh.

CMP: …they want fetal brain, they want both hemispheres….

Taylor: uh huh

CMP: …And they, for whatever reason, the sweet spot tends to be like 18 to 22 weeks.

Taylor: Well I go up to 24 weeks – there is, there is a practice that kind of preferentially gets the anomaly referrals. You want an anomaly referral? 

CMP: Right, no right now we want healthy (fetal) tissue. Yeah, healthy…

Taylor: Oh ok, so yeah. Most of my – most of the patients that come to me are elective. They present themselves.

CMP: And you go electively up to 24 weeks?

Taylor: To 24 weeks, uh huh. This week coming up I have a 15-weeker on Tuesday so far. I have a 20-weeker starting on Thursday so far. 

CMP: Obviously, some of the parameters that we’re working within, (fetal) tissue needs to be pretty much, you know, pretty intact. 

Taylor: Mhm. 

CMP: Because the more physically traumatized it gets the more the stem cells get kind of mashed up and aren’t viable for collection.

Taylor: Now the thing is, I don’t do inductions, like my technique is, a disarticulation (dismemberment) technique so there I would have to talk about, we’d have to kinda talk about exactly what you’re needing, because…

CMP: Breech position (feet first) is great, I’ll just throw that out there. 

Taylor: Part of the issue is, it’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact. But I have got to worry about my staff, and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby.

CMP: There’s a lot of variables going in.

Taylor: Uh huh, so I don’t – so yeah, that becomes an issue. 

CMP: That’s interesting that there’s kind of an issue with the staff to have to protect their comfort level. 

Taylor: Yeah, yeah.

CMP: Do you ever find yourself in a situation where it would be easier if you this case kind of wants to come out intact, but you’re kind of like you have to make sure it doesn’t so the staff doesn’t freak out?

Taylor: Well I mean, that’s one, and another issue is Arizona is so conservative, I just don’t want to send a full fetus to, for cremation or any of that, it just is..

CMP: Absolutely, it’s looking for trouble.

Taylor: Yeah.

Taylor: We have the people who do the paperwork for the fetal death certificates. They email us calling them ‘babies.” “Baby this.” “Baby that.” “Baby so and so.” And I’m like, “that’s creepy.”

CMP: Yeah, that’s so weird. You know your environment just so well, like…

Taylor: It’s creepy. So I mean there’s a lot of variables that come into play. 

Taylor: You know, sometimes too, just the patient, the way that they respond to the medication, things happen quicker than usual, yeah. So that happens. 

CMP: Yeah.

Taylor: I’m like, shit. 

CMP: Do you dig(oxen to kill the pre-born baby)?

Taylor: Yeah

CMP: Starting when?

Taylor: Uh, 20 weeks.

CMP: Starting at 20 weeks?

Taylor: Mhm. Yeah.

CMP: Because that’s the other thing dig(oxen) kind of rules out… It ruins the integrity of the specimen. 

Taylor: Oh.

CMP: And it kills the stem cells. 

Taylor: Oh, I mean – the thing is, it’s really, and then that’s really an issue, because in Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it to the hospital.

CMP: At any gestational age?

Taylor: Any gestational age. Yeah. Yeah.

CMP: Is there any standards procedure for verifying signs of life?

Taylor: Well, the thing is…

CMP: That doesn’t go on a chart…

Taylor: I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right? And like, you know, because the law states that you’re not supposed to do any maneuvers after the fact to try to cause (fetal) demise. So it’s really tricky. 

CMP: Yeah it sounds like it is really hard to navigate that bad boy. 

Taylor: Yeah. It’s really tricky so, most of the time, we do dig, and it usually works. And then we don’t have to worry about that because Arizona state law says if any, if there’s signs of life, then we’re supposed to transport them to the hospital. Yeah, it’s a mess. It’s a mess.  (laughing)

Taylor later in the video acknowledged that the feticidal chemical digoxin cannot be used in an abortion where fetal body parts will be harvested for sale, but she remarks that in a standard dismemberment dilation and evacuation abortion, “My biceps appreciate when the dig[oxin] works,” to kill the fetus before the procedure. “I remember when I was a [Family Planning] Fellow and I was training, I was like, Oh, I have to hit the gym for this,” she says, describing the force she feels in her biceps when performing a dismemberment abortion with forceps.

Below is the video:

CMP Project Lead David Daleiden stated, “This footage shows a longtime Planned Parenthood abortion doctor willing to sell baby parts for profit, use criminal abortion methods to get more intact body parts, and even cover up infanticide. This doctor was trained by Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, and encouraged by her to participate in the fetal body parts market. This footage is just a preview of the damning and incriminating admissions of Planned Parenthood leaders on our further unreleased tapes, being censored by an unconstitutional gag order from a federal judge in San Francisco.”

Daleiden continues, “The only difference between Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion business, and that of the notorious Dr. Kermit Gosnell, is that Gosnell was not so careful as to ‘pay attention to who’s in the room.’ Elected officials must stop forcing taxpayers to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s criminal abortion business, and the Department of Justice must immediately open a full investigation and prosecute Planned Parenthood to the fullest extent of the law.”

Pro-life leaders say that it is time for Congress to act.

“The latest video from the Center for Medical Progress once again lays bare the inhumanity of abortion and Planned Parenthood’s disregard for the law,” SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said. “The abortionist may laugh as she describes the force needed to dismember a five-month-old unborn child struggling to survive, but even the staff are not immune to the terrible sight of aborted children and babies possibly born alive and left to die. At Planned Parenthood, these precious children are valued for the profit their organs can bring, but not their lives.”

“We have seen enough. Congress has already referred Planned Parenthood and its associates for criminal investigation. For the abortion giant to continue receiving more than $500 million in taxpayer funding is simply unconscionable. Legislators must act immediately to redirect those funds to community health centers, which outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities by more than 20 to one nationwide and offer a full range of primary health care. As Speaker Ryan said yesterday, the best way to accomplish this is through reconciliation. We urge Republicans to unite and get this done before Members leave town for their spring break,” Dannenfelser added.

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