Perhaps President Trump should just use his phone for calls, not Twitter.

This is a new first I believe. President Donald Trump is the first President to attack his own administration on Twitter. Apparently he was not happy with how the Justice Department was handling his Administration’s appeal of lower court decisions of his travel ban to the Supreme Court.

Early this morning he tweeted:

I have to ask if Attorney General Jeff Sessions is so busy that he can’t take a phone call from the President. Has President Trump forgotten that he is in charge of the executive branch?

I disagree with the lower court decisions regarding the travel ban because the decisions are based on President Trump’s campaign rhetoric and a flawed application of the First Amendment. The constitution and federal law gives Trump broad powers over immigration and the borders. His travel ban, like it or not, is legal. The courts overreached.

That said what exactly does President Trump have to gain by attacking his own administration on Twitter? The only two things he accomplished is to look less presidential and give the appearance that he has lost control of his administration.

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