Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate recently spoke to Sioux County Conservatives about the new voter ID law.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate recently spoke to Sioux County Conservatives about the new voter ID law.
(Sioux Center, IA) The Sioux County Conservatives in 2017 have held a meeting every month at the Pizza Ranch in Sioux Center. Those meetings have included guest speakers on topics such as sanctuary counties, Common Core, gun rights, personhood, and Voter ID. They have never had trouble at any of those meetings until now.

Pizza Ranch disinvited the Sioux County Conservatives who plan to hold their Pizza and Policy Night this Thursday at 7:00p. They will hold the event at the Sioux Center Public Library instead. Their speaker is Dr. Steve Kirby this month is the author of five books including Letting Islam Be Islam: Separating Truth from Myth and Islam’s Militant Prophet: Muhammad and Forced Conversions to Islam. Kirby holds a Ph.D. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. He retired after working over three decades in law enforcement.

This event sparked a social media campaign by liberals to get the group kicked out of Pizza Ranch, calling Kirby a racist and Islamaphobe:

Now they are trying to get the event to be held at the library canceled.

Pizza Ranch started in 1981 by Adrie Groeneweg in Hull, IA and has grown to 200 locations in 13 states. Their vision as a Christian-owned company is to “glorify God by positively impacting the world.” They also state their mission is to “give every guest a legendary experience.”

It was the guest experience that ultimately led Pizza Ranch to disinvite the Sioux County Conservatives.

Ryan Achterhoff, the Chief Administrative Officer of Pizza Ranch based in neighboring Orange City, told Caffeinated Thoughts said this is an isolated, but an escalating incident. Pizza Ranch is known for hosting different groups, as well as, campaigns to discuss a wide range of political topics.

“Because of this we had ascertained and determined we were going to have a disruptive event,” Achterhoff said.

He said it was a tough decision because the Sioux County Conservatives have been good customers in the past.

He said the corporate office received four or five calls. The Sioux Center location told Caffeinated Thoughts they had received approximately 15-20 calls.

Achterhoff confirmed one of the phone calls came from Indivisible Iowa who informed them they planned to picket the event and threatened a negative PR campaign should Pizza Ranch allow the event to take place there. Pizza Ranch decided it was not worth it.

The Sioux Center Conservatives released the following statement announcing the location change:

These Leftists made claims about the speaker, Dr. Kirby, to Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch said it has not verified those claims, but it didn’t want the negative attention that comes with hosting an event like this and did not have time to research it.

The Leftist tactics are a move straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Clearly Sioux County Socialists, Indivisible Iowa and the individuals responsible were waiting until just before the event in hopes we would have to cancel.

We do not believe efforts to suppress free speech should succeed. Events happen in our area we disagree with, but we do not demand those events not be allowed to happen or threaten violence should they happen.

Clearly the unhinged Left does not want you to hear from Dr. Kirby. They are trying to stop Dr. Kirby from speaking about Islam just a week after celebrating their OC Pride weekend.

It is an interesting combination considering the punishment for homosexuals in some Islamic countries.

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  1. Mr. Vander Hart,
    I believe you are once again writing about a community of which you are not a part and do not fully understand the situation. Did you converse with anyone besides the Sioux County Conservatives about this? You do understand you are receiving and posting one side of a story? The problem people in our area have with the Sioux County Conservatives is their relentless quest to walk the line of slander and libel in their attacks on local citizens and people who disagree with them. They distort people’s comments and try to take down anyone who dares to question their rhetoric. It’s their way or get out of their way. That is why people had an additionally strong reaction to their host at this event. They can portray him however they want but the truth is he and his views are controversial.

    The Sioux County Conservatives use the worst arsenal of political weapons and then have the audacity to act persecuted when their tactics are used on them. Again, Mr. Vander Hart, you seem a reasonable person. Please do more research about this group before you take up their causes. They are connected to Iowa Gun Owners. They do not desire conversation or working with people. Be fully aware of who you align yourself with and maybe it is not your place to weigh in on a community of which you are not a part and aren’t aware of the nuances and political history.

    1. 1. This is a news article, not my opinion.
      2. I included quotes/screenshots of all those involved.
      3. I even quoted Pizza Ranch.

      You don’t want an unbiased story, what you want is for me to write something that backs up what you believe.

      1. I think the title and examples you used keep it from being a news article. As you said yourself—people want to read something that backs up their opinions. You have provided that here.

    2. Indivisible Iowa is a liberal group. Their actions caused Sioux County Conservatives to have to move locations.

      These are facts.

      BTW, I am a conservative and I will highlight conservative perspectives – we are very transparent about that. Just like Iowa Starting Line and Bleeding Heartland present a liberal perspective.

      As far as the examples, I’m not sure what else I could have shared. Anyway, you’re looking for a piece that spins this in a way you want. That’s not news either. I went with the information I was able to get.

      Like I said, all sides were presented which is more than I can say for some Des Moines Register pieces I’ve read.

  2. People need to educate themselves on what is really happening to this country with the influx of refugees from dirt poor countries. To think it won’t change the landscape of this country, think again. This from St. Cloud, MN who is battling Somalies’ crime and take over of their town:

    Transforming cities under guise of humanitarianism

    The argument used to justify the United Nations-driven population shift from the Third World to the West is that these are persecuted and displaced persons. But that humanitarian premise is just window dressing to cover what is basically a massive wealth redistribution program causing more poverty in the West by emptying out dirt-poor countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Sudan.

    People in predominantly Christian America have been noticing that the refugees being sent their way in recent years have been increasingly Muslim, even as wealthy Muslim-majority nations like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have barred their doors to the poor Muslim refugees.

    Many of the receiving cities have willing accomplices, mayors, county managers and city councils who wave the “Welcoming City” banner. But others, such as Mayors Ted Gatsas of Manchester, New Hampshire; Paul Harpole of Amarillo, Texas; and Brooks Patterson of Oakland County, Michigan, have pleaded for the feds to turn off the refugee spigot. Their cries have largely been ignored.

    ID is now also battling the same situation with Chobani employing slave labor at their factory. The dynamics of their cities/state are changing fast and not for the better. Educate yourself and know what is happening.

  3. Good for Indivisible and everyone that doesn’t support hate. I’m sure the Pizza Ranch doesn’t want to be associated with hate groups and made the correct decision. I see that Vander Hart made no mention of the meeting that actually took place or the hate being spewed by Mr Lewis. Now those would be words to repeat here.

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