It has been quite some time since I published an appeal for contributors for Caffeinated Thoughts. I started Caffeinated Thoughts in 2006. In 2010 it became a multi-contributor site. Since then we’ve provided news and commentary on culture, current events, faith, and politics from a conservative and Christian perspective.

A disclaimer:

If you’re looking for a paid position this is not for you. No one receives a paycheck from writing at Caffeinated Thoughts including me. The advertising revenue that Caffeinated Thoughts makes pays the bills. Caffeinated Thoughts is my passion, but not a primary source of income. If that changes in the future, I will be happy to have paid contributors, but that is not where we are at right now. Monetizing websites is challenging, and I am committed that Caffeinated Thoughts will remain free for our readers and podcast listeners.

Basic qualifications:

  • Writers must have trusted Jesus Christ alone as their Lord and Savior.
  • Contributors must persons of good character, not perfect, but strive to grow in living out their Christian walk.
  • Writers must embrace a center-right political ideology, be pro-life, and embrace God’s design for sexuality and marriage. (You don’t need to write on these topics, but if you do we want to be generally on the same page.)
  • Writers must be committed to speaking the truth, but to do so in love, (Ephesians 4:15).
  • Writers, it should go without saying, must have an ability to write with proper grammar and correct spelling. We do edit pieces, but we’d rather edit for style rather than correcting basic grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Writers cannot be anonymous. You need to provide your first and last name, a general place of residence (example: Central Iowa or Des Moines area), a short bio, and headshot (for the author box).

We prefer regular contributions (at minimum once or twice a month) and pieces that are between 300-800 words. Any news submissions must be sourced. We do accept cross-posted pieces (It must be the full article, not an excerpt, and have an original title and 160 character summary. You are free to cross-post pieces submitted to Caffeinated Thoughts one day after publication with a different title and summary than what was used at here).

Also, we reserve the right to reject any article for style, tone, or content. If possible we’ll let the contributor know what changes need to be made in order to publish it.

Our current needs:

National political coverage: We always welcome people to submit news or commentary pieces on the federal government, presidential candidates, national political figures, Congress, legislation, the federal judiciary, and the executive branch.

State political coverage: Statewide races, state legislative races, gubernatorial executive orders, state political figures, state government, political parties (state or county level), and advocacy groups. Our primary focus is Iowa, but we are open to expanding our coverage to other states such as Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota.

Culture: This would include writing on the life issue, religious liberty, K-12 education, higher education, marriage, sexuality, etc. Essentially writing about instances where our Christian worldview finds itself in conflict with the prevailing culture. (Some of this could overlap with national and state political coverage.)

Current events: I am looking for people who are willing to write news or commentary about major events within Christian denominations, churches, and organizations. This also includes articles about major events in our nation and world with an impact on Christians or in need of a Christian response.


Contact me by email at or call me at (515) 321-5077.

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