I’ve spent the last decade involved in conservative, political activism.  I was a Precinct Captain for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and did my part to help his win in the Iowa Caucus.  I was an NRA EVC.  I sat on the Board of another gun rights group.  I was a registered, gun rights lobbyist.  And most recently, I was a Policy Advisor for an up and coming 3rd Party.  I’ve driven up to 10 hours, round trip, same day,  to help support conservative causes, and I’ve donated my time, my talent, and my money.

But I’m done.  The “Political Pat” died the weekend of April 27, 2018.  It’s not a bad thing, because a new Pat was born. The new Pat is someone who remembers the important things in life.  Friends.  Family. Community. Creating things that people enjoy.

We recently moved to Missouri.  I was excited to meet other like-minded conservatives, and I got extremely jazzed when it seemed like I was meeting several.  “Seemed like” being the operative words in that sentence.

I’m sorry, Missouri.  But you’re an odd duck when it comes to politics.  Never before, have I seen so many people, so passionate about conservatism, be so unwilling to act on that passion.  You’re a state that demands more choices between elections but then refuses to support those choices when election time comes around.  Evidence of that fact is Dave Cort’s campaign in Missouri Senate District 30.  Grassroots conservatives have a bona fide, small government, individual liberty loving candidate running on the Independent ticket.  But where are those supporters that demanded more choices, and conservative candidates?  They’re “too busy” to volunteer.”  Money is “too tight” to give.  All the while, they wring their hands over the lousy GOP choices they have.

Missouri, when it comes to politics, you’re like addicts.  You need your “D” or “R” fix.  You’re convinced that the high your chosen drug gives you, will be better “next time.”  And like addicts, those of us who help to break that cycle of addiction, can do nothing to help you, unless you’re willing to help yourself. Look me up when you are.  I’ll be there for you.

Am I a little hard on you, Missouri?  Probably.  You’re just an example of a more significant, national problem.  A problem wherein citizens put more importance on populism and personality, than they do, individualism and principles.

When we compromise our values, we shouldn’t be surprised when the people we elect, also compromise those same values.  You have a choice, conservatives.  Either stop compromising, or stop complaining when politicians do the same.

So I’m out.  Will I still post on social media about some big, political explosion that happens?  Probably. Will I continue to jump whenever some conservative cause wants me to volunteer or contribute?  Unlikely. There’s no one that can convince me that it’s worth giving up time with family, friends or hobbies.  When Conservative America is willing to step up to the plate, make some hard decision, step out of their comfort zone, and take risks, I’ll be there.  Until then, history proves I’m just spinning my wheels.

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