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In typical liberal fashion, the editorial board of The Des Moines Register has published a piece painting women as incapable and unintelligent in response to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signing the fetal heartbeat abortion ban.  

The piece directly targets Reynolds because she “betrayed Iowa women” by signing the bill into law and is titled “Iowa voters should hold Reynolds accountable for fetal heartbeat law.” That would be an average at best headline if left on its own; however, the title is accompanied by the tagline, “GOP wants women pregnant and giving birth as often as possible.”

Fear mongering. Inflammatory. Complete propaganda. Wow, good work.

The premise of the piece is that Republicans want women to have no control over their bodies and that criminalizing a large portion of would-be abortions within the state will cause problems. It is the typical dime-a-dozen article that attempts to argue that Republicans are taking away the independence of women while also trying to plead the case that female independence can only be accomplished through state ordained reproductive care, legal abortion, et cetera.

Frankly, as an Iowan and a woman, I am outraged, but my anger is not directed toward the Republican Party or Governor Reynolds as this editorial so smugly suggested it should be. Instead, I am furious that in the year 2018, liberals STILL think that they can bask in calling themselves ‘the champions of women’ while spewing rhetoric such as this that completely belittles women.

Let’s break down all the ways that the Register managed to demean women in this short editorial:

Feminist logic is only applied when it suits them.

The left acts as if women should be supported with unquestioning allegiance…unless, of course, that woman is a conservative or Republican. The Register managed to reveal the hypocrisy in feminist logic; after all, Governor Reynolds is a FEMALE. Shouldn’t her gender warrant unmoveable support according to such logic? It seems that the third wave feminist movement is willing to support you based on your body parts unless you break away from their way of thinking.

Acting as if women can’t think about anything but their reproductive system (and only hold one opinion on this topic).

The audacity of the editorial board in suggesting that Governor Reynolds ‘betrayed women’ is infuriating. How DARE it be implied that all women think alike? How DARE they act as if all we care about is our reproductive system?

Women care about economics, government overreach, gun rights, and every other political or policy issue that could be considered. In acting as if we must all just care about our reproductive system, and that we must all clearly think the same, the Register acts as if women are not capable of diversity of thought and being able to logically think about issues that don’t involve their body parts.

Suggesting that women are incapable of handling things without government assistance.

How ever will women be able to avoid unwanted pregnancies without the government’s assistance? (Note: heavy sarcasm.) The Register acts as if women are incapable of making wise choices or caring for things in their life without the heavy hand of the government guiding, providing, and clearing the way.

Women who choose to be sexually active are perfectly capable of keeping themselves from becoming pregnant, whether through birth control or refusing to engage in sexual activity without a condom. Women who become pregnant are capable of giving the baby up for adoption. Pretending that women will fall to pieces without the government legalizing the murder of children is ridiculous.

Treating women as no more than reproductive vessels.

At the end of the piece, it is stated, “Reynolds sent a message that every woman, regardless of age, health or economic circumstances, is nothing more than a reproductive vessel.” I don’t know that I’ve read something more laughable written by this paper.

The editorial board of the Register in this and other pieces did exactly what they accuse Reynolds of doing: treating women as “nothing more than a reproductive vessel.” All concern was focused on how women can become ‘unpregnant’ after they become pregnant, how they can avoid pregnancy altogether, etcetera, etcetera. Never once were women discussed in any realm outside of reproduction within the piece.

The editorial board should be ashamed of themselves. Although they, in their arrogance, may think they represent all Iowan women, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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