(Des Moines, IA) I am live-blogging today’s Iowa GOP State Convention today at the Jacobsen Center on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. The convention is set to gavel in at 10:00a. Be sure to refresh your browser to see each new update. The most recent update will be at the top.

3:11p – I am signing off, thanks!

3:10p – The proposed platform as amended was approved by voice vote.

3:09p РThe amendment was defeated. So disappointing. Fear and ignorance win out. 76.8% voted against. An Article V convention is not a Con Con. An Article V convention is NOT an Con Con. That is simply a lie. Ugh.

3:07p – GOP National Committeewoman Tamara Scott, ugh, share your opinion sure, but tell the truth. Lots of misinformation in your comments. ERA and getting rid of the electoral college won’t be part of an Article V convention.

3:02p –¬†The next amendment is for add the Convention of the States plank back into the platform. Going to have a lot of fearmongering here.

3:00p –¬†The amendment is defeated with 72.1%

2:58p –¬†Next proposal, is a convoluted, long amendment to the platform that would remove the term limits plank.

2:55p РThe junior delegates were introduced, I missed the next amendment because a friend stopped by. It passed, sorry. Also, I am literally the last member of the media here (not surprised).

2:48p – The amendment was defeated by 52.5%

2:44p –¬†Those who are against this particular plank seem to be ignorant of history and the limited government purpose for a repeal. Ya know, states rights?

2:42p –¬†The 8th amendment to the proposed platform: Delete Government 11 calling for the repeal of the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

2:38p –¬†7th proposed plank: We support abolishing the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division and allow the free market to take over the distribution of alcohol. The amendment to the proposed platform is approved with 71.7% of the delegates.

2:35p –¬†6th plank: “We demand that all Iowa DNR game wardens respect landowners and hunters 6th Amendment constitutional rights. They shall have legal probable cause and/or search warrant to be on private property. The plank was approved by 52.8%.

2:32p – Those in favor said “yay agriculture.” Those against pointed out that school boards should make this decision, not the state legislature. It was defeated with 51.3%, I’m shocked it was that close.

2:29p –¬†5th plank proposal: “We support teaching Agricultural education and the formation of FFA chapters in our schools.”

2:26p –¬†Supporters are saying the current platform is internally inconsistent. The plank is defeated. 65.4% vote no.

2:24p –¬†4th plank proposal says “We support a “life begins at conception” without exception. The committee recommends against. A supporter said we passed a heartbeat bill, we want this next. Also states it is a federal matter.

2:22p – Those who support say that the plank offers scientific proof which the platform lacks. (Platforms state positions, they generally are not apologetics document.) There is strong pro-life language in the proposed platform. It was defeated 82.9% voted no.

2:19p –¬†Third suggested plank has #prolife language, the committee recommends against, it’s long and convoluted and there is already pro-life language in the platform. Platform committee said they voted against because they were looking for brevity.

2:16p – The second plank was not recommended by the committee. It deals with inclusivity. It’s long, I can’t read it. The committee said there was duplicate language. It was defeated. 73.6% voted no.

2:09p –¬†First suggested plank from the floor dealing with there being no “equality of outcome” even with equality of opportunity (my paraphrase). It was recommended by the committee but failed.

1:59p – The way the platform is done I don’t foresee a big battle over any of it.

1:55p – Davis ran for Iowa Senate in 2014. He said that he wasn’t even born when the current State Treasurer, Michael Fitzgerald, first was elected to office in 1982.

1:53p – Davis is speaking, he was asked by Governor Reynolds to run. I don’t know who he is.

1:51p – There is no Attorney General nominee from the floor. Jeremy Davis is nominated from the floor for State Treasurer.

1:47p – Naig squeaks out the win in the 4th ballot, beating Gaesser 54.1% to 45.9%.

1:45p –¬†Third ballot still no winner. 1. Naig 48.7 2. Gaesser -26.9% 3. Zumbach – 24.4%, Zumbach throws support behind Gaesser.

1:41p –¬†2nd ballot still no winner, 1. Naig – 47.4% 2. Zumbach – 24.6% 3. Gaesser – 18.0% 4. Lang – 10%, Lang throws support behind Gaesser.

1:38p –¬†First ballot: 1. Naig – 46.1% 2. Zumbach – 24.2% 3. Gaesser – 17.8% 4. Lang – 9.4% 5. Ingles – 2.5%. Ingles is dropped and will address delegates to say who he supports. He said Lang and then Gaesser.

1:34p – Ingles and Naig were the two who discussed fighting against onerous federal regulations. Lang probably gave the wonkiest speech.

1:30p – Chad Ingles speaks last before the first ballot.

1:29p – Zumbach touts ag and Iowa Senate experience. Also shares how he has defended 2nd Amendment, voted for the heartbeat bill, and more local control in education. He cites his faith.

1:27p – Dan Zumbach is up. Several candidates mention how they are pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and that is awesome, but has nothing to do with the job.

1:25p – Sitting under the skylight today is just awesome.

1:23 – Gaesser is up. Windschitl says, “please stick to the three minutes.”

1:22p – Windschitl is hovering. Lang’s mic was cut.

1:21p – Lang discusses water quality, this may be too wonky for a three minute speech.

1:20p – Lang is the 7th generation to work on his heritage farm.

1:19p – Lang is up. “We need strong leadership to make things happen.”

1:18p – Naig:¬† “We need conservative leadership at the Department of Agriculture.”

1:16p – Naig goes first, he is giving his bio and why he running. Former Secrtary of Agriculture Bill Northey endorsed him and is here in support.

1:14p – There were no suprise floor nominations. Each candidate will get three minutes to speak.

1:13p – Senate President Charles Schneider (R-West Des Moines) nominates State Senator Dan Zumbach. Chad Ingles has been nominated by a supporter.

1:11p – State Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa (R-Council Bluffs) nominates Ray Gaesser.

1:10p – Craig Lang was nominated. Theoretically someone who didn’t run could be nominated.

1:09p – Steve King places Mike Lang, who won the primary, but with less than 35 percent, into nomination.

1:08p – We are moving on to nominations for Secretary of Agriculture.

1:06p – There are 1165 voting delegates who checked in with their devices after lunch.

1:03p – They are using electronic devices to vote, this is the second time they have used these. They are pretty slick.

1:00p – Blum points out how his friend Sean Hannity says, “let not your hearts be troubled.” Hey Congresssman Blum, pretty sure he didn’t coin that. (Read John 14.)

12:58p – Blum says Abby Finkenauer (his opponent) is extreme on abortion.

12:57p – Blum: “Yes there was Russian collusion, collusion with Hillary and Uranium One.

12:56p – Blum points out that unemployment is at record low, etc.

12:54p – Blum points out that polling shows President Trump is more popular than President Obama was after 500 days.

12:52p – Congressman Rod Blum is up and says his standard line, “after being in Washington all week it is good to be back in America.”

12:51p – Windschitl is cracking the whip, trying to get delegates to sit down and the meeting started back up.

12:44p –¬†More media have come in after attending the Iowa Democratic Party State Convention this morning, there is more interest in the Secretary of Agriculture nomination than the speeches. Also lunch has been extended five more minutes (not surprised).

12:41p – Apparently, you had to pay for lunch before the convention so I’m fasting for lunch.

12:09p – I’m so triggered by the pink media credentials.

11:58p – Young is done, Windschitl gives instructions for lunch, breaking until 12:45p.

11:55p – Young says, “this seat does not belong to me, it belongs to the people of the Third District.” The voters are his boss, not Congressional leaders, not President Trump.

11:54p – Young cites Reagan who once said, “Status Quo, that’s Latin for the mess we are in.”

11:53a – Young: Our Constitution is not malleable. Says our rights come from God, not man. If they came from man then they can be taken away.

11:52a – Young: I am humbled every day to serve you. (Iowa 3rd Congressional District)

11:50a – Congressman David Young stands between the delegates and lunch, brave man.

11:48a – Peters: I think the 2nd District deserves a voice who deserves to be heard.

11:47a – Peters says Republicans have a chance to turn the last blue corner of Iowa red. He says he travels around Iowa, but the one person he doesn’t see is Loebsack.

11:46a – Dr. Christopher Peters who is running against Congressman Dave Loebsack in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

11:43a – Reynolds wraps up standard stump speech. Nothing new, nothing earth-shattering. Mostly positive and focused on her accomplishments and agenda, but took a few digs at Hubbell.

11:40a – Reynolds: Should someone who doesn’t think Iowa is the best place to live should that person be the next Governor of Iowa?

11:36a – I’m little surprised (not) by the few members of the media that are here. I haven’t seen anyone from The Des Moines Register¬†yet today. ¬†Most are probably at the Iowa Democratic Party State Convention.

11:35a – Reynolds: We stood for life and protecting the unborn. We stood for this not because it is easy or because it will help us win an election, but because it is the right thing to do.

11:33a – Reynolds: We are delivering on what we promised Iowans we would do.

11:30a – Gov. Kim Reynolds is up. “We are going to take this state by storm.”

11:28a – Kaufmann: Says he is harsh toward Hubbell because of the money he can pour into the race. “The Iowa Governorship is not for sale.”

11:27a – Kaufmann: Kim Reynolds doesn’t need to look for a photo op, but her life is a photo op.

11:26a – Kaufmann: Hubbell is another elitist who just wants to have another “shiny thing.”

11:24a – Kaufmann discusses Sir Frederick Hubbell, the Prince of Polk County. He says “Sir” and “Prince” is all about attitude, he said Republicans don’t have a problem with wealth. “Hubbell doesn’t care about rural Iowa.”

11:22a – Reynolds’ in clip talking about how her faith helped her overcome alcoholism.

11:18a – Ernst is done, Reynolds’ video clip now playing.

11:16a – Ernst encouraging voters to get out and vote for Republicans.

11:15a – Ernst:¬†“We are going to fight to ensure that no Iowans have to fund abortion providers with their hard-earned dollars.”

11:13a – Ernst points out tax reform, Supreme Court pick, Trump’s actions on the life issue, etc.

11:09a – Ernst: Reynolds works hard to protect our rights and our values.

11:08a – Ernst: We know Hubbell won’t be our governor, he’ll be a governor for union bosses, other liberal special interest groups…

11:06a – Ernst: Rah, rah Iowa. I know we truly believe that even if fancy Fred Hubbell does not.

11:05a – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst is up to speak.

11:04a – Gregg: Reynolds’ story is the Iowa story, simply put, she is one of us.

11:03a – Gregg: Instead of AG for AG (ran for Attorney General in 2014), we only have to change one letter. Please support AG for LG. He accepts the nomination.

11:02a – Gregg thanks the delegates and his wife.

11:00a – Lt. Governor Adam Gregg is nominated by his wife, no other nominations, approved unanimously.

10:58a – Nominations for Lt. Governor, and they are taking floor nominations.

10:57a – Rules Committee Chair said few changes were made this year to the convention rules.

10:55a – Iowa House Speaker Pro Tem Matt Windschitl (R-Missouri Valley) is the permanent convention chair. His goal is to get out in as short of time as possible.

10:53a – Hearing from the organization committee chair.

10:52a – There are 1205 voting delegates today.

10:51a – King thanked Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Legislature for passing the heartbeat bill.

10:50a – King says Trump should get Nobel Peace Prize because of North Korean Summit.

10:46a – Congressman King re. IG report: It’s clear you can see FBI and DOJ were trying to protect Hillary and persecute our President. He lauds AG Jeff Sessions who said, “you can’t politicize the DOJ and have the rule of law.”

10:45a – Hoefert: Republicans in the 4th District are proud of the work that Congressman Steve King does.

10:43a – Pate highlights his accomplishments re. online registration, military vote, protecting location of women who are victims of domestic abuse, and says they are working on online filing for businesses.

10:42a – Pate mentions how he is a target of the Democrats because of the election integrity law that passed.

10:41a – Pate says election integrity is not about voter ID, but modernizing the voting process.

10:39a – Pate is up, touts voter ID. “It’s easy to vote, hard to cheat.”

10:38a – Hoefert: The Democrat Party promotes rising stars, in the Republican Party we already have stars.

10:36a – Mosiman says audits that the state runs must be led by a CPA. We have had a CPA in office for the last 40 years. If the Auditor is not a CPA, the office will lose its status as a CPA firm. Says Rob Sand, her Democrat challenger, is not a CPA.

10:35a – Hoefert: We won’t reelect Mary Mosiman to be state auditor because she is female, but because she is the only CPA in the race.

10:34a – Naig pushes RFS which seems to be required if you are going to be a statewide elected official.

10:33a – Naig said they are addressing water quality without the heavy hand of government.

10:31a – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig gets to speak (and will speak again when delegates decide on who is nominated to run for that post).

10:29a – U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is unable to attend because he is preparing for a Monday Senate Judiciary Committee meeting with DOJ Inspector General Horowitz. His campaign chair speaks on his behalf.

10:26a – Iowa Federation of Republican Women Chair points out how the first female U.S. Senator, State Auditor, and Speaker of the House are Republicans. “We will elect Iowa’s first female Governor.”

10:24a – Kaufmann said if Republicans don’t say “Trump” multiple times during the convention then they are going to report Republicans are divided, leads convention in a standing ovation for Trump.

10:23a – Kaufmann criticizes media for Quad City editorial that said something offensive about Republicans or Trump (I missed it so I’m not sure what he is talking about). “Shame on you,” to the media.

10:20a – Jeff Kaufmann thanks Chris Matthews for his moment of clarity when he criticized the Democratic Party and said, “I hope they lose.”

10:18a РHoefert: Democrats are the party of higher taxes, abortion, etc. Blue wave will be met by a red tsunami.

10:17a РHoefert is going through all the 2016 wins.

10:16a – We went through invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance led by the junior delegates, and the National Anthem. Scott’s invocation wasn’t too partisan, mostly expressing thanks, and then she said our enemies are on the outside and those who oppose President Trump and God. Ahem, we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, (Ephesians 6:12). Democrats are the opposition, not the enemy.

Hoefert leads in a moment of silence for the unborn killed by abortion. Classy.

10:02a – Iowa GOP Co-Chair Cody Hoefert welcomes the delegates. Iowa GOP National Committeewoman Tamara Scott gives invocation.

9:45a – The program will start soon, had three delegates come up to talk with me. The mystery today is who will win the Secretary of Agriculture nomination. I’m curious if there will be any drama surrounding the Lt. Governor nomination. I haven’t heard anything indicating that, but stranger things have happened.

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