Polk County District Courthouse

A Polk County District Court Judge Michael Huppert recently placed a temporary injunction on Iowa’s new fetal heartbeat abortion ban while it is challenged in court. Save The 1, a pro-life organization based in Michigan representing over 600 people who were conceived in rape or incest and mothers who became pregnant under such circumstances, filed a motion to intervene. They are opposed to the exceptions in the law made for cases of rape, incest, and fetal abnormalities.

They filed as necessary third-party intervenors “of right” since the current Plaintiff, Planned Parenthood, will not argue on behalf of their interests.  Erin Mersino – a pro-life constitutional law attorney from Michigan with the Great Lakes Justice Center, Eric Borseth — an attorney from Iowa and a board member of Personhood Iowa, and Rebecca Kiessling are attorneys representing Save the 1.

The fetal heartbeat abortion ban protects unborn children who have a detectable heartbeat, except “when the abortion is medically necessary” and “medically necessary” as defined, in part in the law, includes cases of rape, incest, and fetal abnormality. Save the 1 says this makes the abortion provider the sole arbiter of these determinations. They say this language in the bill lacks due process and denies equal protection guaranteed under the Iowa and U.S. constitutions. 

Save the 1 asks that the offending provisions under the severability clause within the legislation, and wishes to see the Fetal Heartbeat Law upheld without these exceptions. 

Judge Huppert heard arguments on Friday from the group that the effort to uphold “without the offending exceptions” is relevant to the current lawsuit. Attorneys representing Planned Parenthood and the Emma Goldman Clinic, as well as, the Thomas More Society who is defending the bill on behalf of the state oppose Save the 1’s motion to intervene.

Kiessling said if they are not allowed to join the case, they will file a federal lawsuit challenging the law’s exceptions.

Save the 1s’ challenge, if filed in federal court, has a greater chance of reaching the U.S. Supreme Court since the original lawsuit did not cite the U.S. Constitution or federal law which limits federal jurisdiction. 

The Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, that includes Iowa Right to Life, The Leader, Iowans for LIFE, Iowa PAC for Life, Restored by Grace Ministries, Personhood Iowa, Lutheran Family Service of Iowa, and the Thomas More Society, released a joint statement about the court proceedings on Friday:

We appreciate the sentiments of the Save the One organization, and we too seek a day when all unborn children are protected, regardless of their health or how they are conceived.

We believe the passage of the Heartbeat Law is elevating the public discussion to a place from which there is no going back, and hastens the day when all unborn children are protected. For we know the child in her mother’s womb, regardless of physical disability or how she was conceived – she’s a baby.

So we will support the efforts of the Thomas More Society to defend the Heartbeat Law, and we will continue to work until all life in the womb is treasured and protected.

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  1. Sadly the only hope of the heartbeat bill being upheld is to get it out of state court and Inter federal court and right now the only real way that would happen would be if our motion to intervene is granted and then we could remove the case to Federal Court. Otherwise, this law will be held unconstitutional under Iowa state constitution because of the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling at the end of June that found a broad right to abortion under the state constitution. The Thomas More Society trying to bring a personhood claim but that will be shot down because of the exceptions that completely undermined that claim. Read footnote 54 in the Court’s opinion in Roe versus Wade. The court will find that it is complete hypocrisy to suggest personhood when you have exceptions, as pointed out by the Roe Court.

    It’s really a shame that the pro-life organizations in Iowa have not supported our intervention which is the only way to get the case out of state court. It’ll be a hard lesson to learn I guess.

  2. It is amazing the creative way folks will find ways to defend killing 1-3% of the victims of our own holocaust. Imagine passing any other law protecting almost all citizens from murder, but that carved out exceptions. What if the law protected everyone except for those of Jewish descent? What about a law that singled out pro-lifers as the only group not protected? Wouldn’t we hoot and howl.

    The “pro-life” groups you cited could have stayed above the fray and let the chips fall where they may. But they now agree with the world: some babies just don’t matter.

    The Marines won’t leave one behind, but 13,000 babies at a minimum would be left behind, even if this bill were to hold muster.

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