I’ve resolved since President Donald Trump’s inauguration to comment about his Twitter feed as little as possible. Had I not done so it would probably be the only topic I covered.

I am also resolved to believe that is is extremely unlikely that President Trump will ever act presidential. Humanly speaking, it is impossible, but nothing is impossible with God, so my caveat is that this will not happen without divine intervention.

His tweet on Tuesday morning directed at Omarosa Manigault Newman was simply toxic.

“When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!” he tweeted.

Omarosa’s behavior in the White House was unacceptable, and her releasing recordings of conversations she had in the White House are evidence that she was supremely unfit for the position she was given. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was right to fire her.

So I will not provide any cover for her.

That said, three things came to mind when I read President Trump’s tweet.

1. White House Jobs Are Not Charity.

Omarosa was unqualified for the position she was offered. It seemed as though the only qualification she had for the job was that she was loyal to President Trump and said nice things about him (until recently of course). 

If someone is crazed, you don’t bring them into the White House. You certainly don’t provide a White House position to someone out of pity. Either the person is qualified, or they are not.

2. This tweet is not normal or acceptable.

It would be easy to be desensitized to President Trump’s twitter rants. Abnormal behavior is becoming seen as normal. Presidents should never belittle people this way. Good men certainly do not. I was raised, and my son was raised, to not address a woman this way. It is deplorable behavior, and the President deserves to be rebuked for it.

Christians certainly should not applaud or excuse this kind of rhetoric. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us, (Matthew 5:44).

3. Bad staff is a reflection on the President.

President Trump told us that he “hires all of the best people.” We have learned that is not the case. This president has not learned one fundamental truth about being a leader. The buck stops with him.

If Omarosa was a poor hire, it is President Trump’s fault she was there. He has never taken responsibility for bad hires. He needs trustworthy staff, but people who are also competent as well. He got off to a rough start, but fortunately, it has improved. General Kelly cleaned up President Trump’s mess. He needs to take responsibility for it.

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  1. Acting unPresidential? Perhaps acting Presidential has gotten us in the mess we are currently in. I believe most Americans prefer a President that is human like the rest of us; a President that speaks his mind and exercises his 1st Amendment rights just like you and I. No sorry. I have had enough of people that act Presidential because that is exactly what it is, an act. The woman was not uneducated nor was she ill equipped for the position. What qualifications did his daughter or son-in-law possess? They have no place in his administration either. But Ms. Newman was not a pity case. Many Presidents in the past have put people in the cabinet that were not “qualified”. She had no experience suited for the job but that does not make a person unqualified. Any EDUCATED person with half a brain can learn to excel in unknown territory. I personally took on many jobs for which I possessed no experience or qualifications but because of determination, a brain and the desire to succeed I was very successful in these endeavors. He has taken responsibility for bad hires by getting rid of them. THAT is what most businessmen do. I myself have hired people I thought would do a good job only to find out they were a huge mistake…… I corrected that mistake by terminating them. Since when is calling a spade a spade abnormal behavior. Speaking one’s mind, although not always polite, is not abnormal. I believe her behavior is more insulting and abnormal that Trump calling her out for what she is. Sorry I just cannot relate to people who wish everything to be sweet and sugar coated.

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