The United States Senate Judiciary Committee met on Thursday to hold a hearing over the allegations of sexual assault brought against United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The day consisted of testimony from both Ford and Kavanaugh, followed by a lengthy time of questioning by each party. The Democratic Senators asked their own questions, while the Republican Senators yielded the majority of their time for questioning to a special prosecutor.

However, the notable parts of the day did not stem from any revelations received during testimony or questioning. No, it came from the ridiculous show Senate Democrats were determined to act out during the hearing.

Now, before I share my top three ridiculous points from the Democrats having the floor, I will be the first to emphasize that Republicans were certainly not without their fair share of grandstanding, like this outburst from Senator Lindsey Graham (R – SC):

However, Republican antics did not reach nearly the level of their Democratic colleagues.

The Yearbook

I cringe to think about my high school yearbook being reviewed for the world to see, not for any malicious reason, but simply because I would not want the antics and jokes and nicknames of my 17 year old life to have any part in who I am today. I’m sure Kavanaugh feels the same, but even after he shed light on some of the more dubious comments and nicknames within the book, Democrats were relentless still in their focus on the yearbook, leading to exchanges like this:

“I Believe You”

Instead of hearing from both Ford and Kavanaugh equally and using facts and reason to make up her mind, Senator Kamala Harris (D – CA) clearly had her mind made up early on in the proceedings, telling Ford unequivocally, “I believe you.” No hearing needed – clearly Harris already knew how she wanted justice to be carried out. What’s that about due process again?

The FBI Investigation

Finally, while the majority of committee Democrats seemed unable to ask Dr. Ford actual questions, choosing instead to remind the world what champions of women they are, they similarly yielded much of their actual questioning time in a desperate attempt to pin Kavanaugh into undergoing an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh has already stated that he will cooperate with what the committee decides on this, but is leaving it up to the Senate Judiciary Committee to decide. That seemed to just not be good enough.

There was no new truth discovered yesterday, nor was it truly sought out. Instead, a committee hearing room became the place to carry out absolutely despicable antics. Shame on Senate Democrats.

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