On this episode of the Caffeinated Thoughts Podcast, Shane Vander Hart has a conversation with Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and the Libertarian nominee for Attorney General of Iowa, Marco Battaglia.

Pate’s bio from his website:

Paul Pate is a nationally recognized small business leader serving his second term as Iowa’s Secretary of State, and is a candidate for reelection in the November 2018 mid-terms.
Pate followed through on his 2014 campaign promises by making it easier for overseas military members to vote, instituting online voter registration, implementing the Safe at Home program for survivors of violence, and bringing Voter ID to Iowa.  He has succeeded in making it easy to vote, but hard to cheat in Iowa’s elections.
Paul has dedicated his life to public service. A former State Senator, Mayor of Cedar Rapids, and President of the Iowa League of Cities, he was unanimously voted President-Elect of the National Association of Secretaries of State by his colleagues at their annual summer conference.  Pate also serves on the Executive Board of the Council of State Governments (CSG), and was recognized by CSG with the prestigious Henry Toll Fellowship, a top honor of state elected leaders.
Paul was born and raised in Iowa and is from Linn County.  He and his wife, Jane, are the proud parents of three, and grandparents of five.

Here’s Battglia’s bio from his website:

Born, raised, and educated in Iowa, Marco graduated from Hoover High School and The University of Northern Iowa. Marco earned a pre-law bachelor’s degree in communications and also studied political science. 
Marco has worked as a journalist and has many years of radio experience.  He has over a decade of experience with laws related to home mortgage, insurance, and banking. He has worked on the front-lines against elder-abuse, usury, money laundering, and he has worked to take on a number of additional financial crimes. Marco has one child in elementary school and owns an acreage on the south-side of Des Moines, Iowa. 
He has been an active member of the state and national Libertarian Party for six years. Marco was a nominating delegate to the last national convention and has worked for a number of state and national political campaigns. Marco announced his campaign to run for Attorney General after the Libertarian Gubernatorial Prima

Listen to the podcast below:

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