Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and her Democratic challenger Fred Hubbell meet in Sioux City for their second debate hosted by KTIV, KWWL, and KTTC.  The debate starts at 7 p.m. at Eppley Auditorium on the campus of Morningside College and will be moderated by KTIV’s Matt Breen.


Concluding Thoughts:

I like that the Breen held to the time allotments it kept the debate moving. I think it would have been good to have fewer topics however and allowed more time for answers. 

Reynolds, once again, did well on the life issue. She painted Hubbell as extreme because he is extreme when it comes to abortion. 

He gave specific answers on how she is working to fix the problems with Medicaid, taxes, spending, etc. I did not see the same level of specificity. 

Reynolds’ charge of Hubbell’s response to everything is more money is spot on because it is and we still don’t have any idea how he is going to pay for it. 

Hubbell got his clock cleaned. It’s obvious that Reynolds was prepared for this debate, Hubbell was not.

Live Blog:

7:57p – “A spirited debate.” Yes it was.

7:55p – Reynolds says Hubbell wants to take us backwards. 

7:54p – On closing statements, that debate went fast. 

7:53p – Fred Hubbell says supports Roe v. Wade, but says he does not support late-term abortions or partial-birth abortions and “she knows that.” She does? I don’t. You chaired Planned Parenthood. 

7:51p – Hubbell equates abortion with healthcare, complains about ob/gyn  training, Reynolds said Georgetown University provides ob/gyn training without abortion training.

7:50p – She’s said she has expanded access to health care (money for health care clinics). 

7:49p – Reynolds says most Iowans don’t agree with Hubbell’s extreme position on taxpayer funding of abortion. 

7:48p – Reynolds goes back on Hubbell taking about more money, more money, more money. “I don’t know how he is going to pay for it.”

7:46p – Reynolds supports process for THC that is in place and the board that is placed to make those decisions. Hubbell supports expanding level of THC and expand illnesses for which it can be used.

7:45p – I don’t think Fred Hubbell really wants to get into why rural Iowa is experiencing a crime increase.

7:44p – Opioid crisis… not a whole lot government can do on this. 

7:42p – Hubbell keeps wanting to go back to address previous questions he’s asked. 

7:41p – Reynolds: Dave Jamison is gone, Nate Boulton is still serving – lack of action (on the part of Democrats). 

7:39p – Reynolds says you can change the culture, you can take action. She points out that Nate Boulton is still serving. Brings up women in her administration.

7:37p – Talking sexual harassment… Hubbell infers Reynolds ignored it. Oh good grief.

7:36p – Reynolds – #1 in the nation on high school graduates… We are investing in education…. Cites number of kids enrolling in community college.

7:35p – I think Hubbell thinks money grows on trees.

7:33p – Reynolds says you talking about funding, but never say how you are going to pay for it. BTW, your running mate voted for mental health reform. 

7:32p – Oooh eight county sheriffs supporting Hubbell, out of 99. 

7:31p – Reynolds brings up mental health comprehensive reform. She said law enforcement were stakeholders. 

7:30p – Hubbell says Reynolds has cut public safety funding. 

7:29p – Reynolds got a nice parting shot on the film tax credits. 

7:28p – Reynolds, tax credits are a tool in the toolbox that help us compete with other states. 

7:26p – Fred Hubbell says you don’t have to compete on tax credits, I agree, but I’d like to level the playing field by lowering taxes which he won’t do.

7:24p – Support Targeted Jobs Program: Reynolds – Probably (looking at tax credits), Hubbell says yes. 

7:21p – Hubbell accuses Reynolds of not standing up to Trump, but she’s stood up to him on tariffs. Again, no specific answer. Very obvious he does not have a clue about rural Iowa. Reynolds: I grew up in rural Iowa, I know rural Iowa, etc. Who got Iowa Farm Bureau’s endorsement? Not Fred Hubbell. 

7:19p – Reynolds: Nobody wins in a trade war. Dings China on intellectual theft, etc. 

7:18p – On to agriculture… 

7:16p – Reynolds said it past system was not sustainable, and cuts were going to be made. She gave a very specific answer to how she has worked to fix programs.

7:14p – Medicaid Privatization: Hubbell says it is a disaster. “I know it’s a disaster, I’ve heard about it for 18 months…. We need the put the state back in involved.”  How? 

7:13p – Hubbell still did not give a direct answer on tax cuts. Good grief.

7:12p – Matt Breen is doing a great job moderating, cutting candidates off, sticking to time limits. Good job. 

7:10p – Reynolds says I’m for tax cuts, Hubbell is for raising taxes. Pretty much. She said the state is still paying $55 million a year for I-Jobs program during the Culver Administration that was a joke.

7:09p – Hubbell asked about tax cuts, whether he would repeal everything except the tax cuts he says he supports, and how he would offset spending. And, he did not answer the question.

7:08p – Question about spending/tax cuts: Reynolds says she wants to look at tax credits holistically and also focus on spending priorities.

7:06p – Dang, one minute limit to answers.

7:05p – Reynolds says “Go Mustangs.” Morningside is #1 in the country. I have no idea what they are #1 of… 

7:04p – Hubbell using the tried and true use of making sharing stories of people he has met on the campaign trail. 

7:03p – They missed Chairman of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland when they read Hubbell’s bio. 

7:03p – And the admonition of no cheering, etc. which will probably  be ignored by both sides when their candidates make a statement they like. 

7:02p – Ron Steele of KWWL and Tom Overly – KTTC in Rochester, MN are also asking questions.

7:00p – Alrighty waiting for the debate to begin. 

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