Most actors live in Hollywood, but Abby Finkenauer made her acting debut when she announced her run for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.  

If you’ve listened to Finkenauer’s speeches or watched any of her campaign ads, you might think that she’s on board with most of President Trump’s agenda. Beneath Finkenauer’s theatrical facade, however, her true political beliefs fall in line with the national Democrat Party bosses in Washington. 

Voters might be surprised to learn that Finkenauer backs amnesty, a radical position that she tries her best to conceal with phrases like “bipartisan immigration reform.” There is, however, nothing bipartisan or moderate about rewarding as many as 22 million illegal aliens with a “pathway to citizenship.” 

Finkenauer is also rabidly pro-abortion, earning a 100 percent voting record with Planned Parenthood for her votes as a state legislator. Likewise, she has made it clear that she will vote to repeal the President’s middle class tax cuts if she wins a seat in Congress. 

Such extreme partisanship will directly harm Iowans who have greatly benefited from the President’s economic agenda and the ongoing economic boom it has produced. The average family in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, for instance, is saving more than $2,500 per year thanks to President Trump’s historic tax cuts — a figure that Democrats deride as “crumbs” when they’re not complaining about how much less money they have to lavish on their favorite special interests. As Finkenauer loves to tell her supporters, albeit with a very different intended meaning, “this is personal.” 

Finkenauer’s most peculiar claim of all, though, is her insistence that the Democrats will solve partisan gridlock in Washington by “getting serious.” 

“Above all else, Washington politicians must step up to the plate and pass badly needed reform that will strengthen our economy and our communities, and make us safer, instead of falling victim to partisan politics and political gridlock yet again,” she writes on her website.  

Let’s be clear about one thing — the only way that Congress will remain free from partisan gridlock is if the people refuse to vote for candidates like Finkenauer on Tuesday. The Democrats have already laid out a post-election agenda that consists entirely of obstruction, not cooperation. 

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer even admitted recently that impeaching President Trump will be one of his top priorities after the midterms. When asked about when the Democrats want to impeach the President, Schumer bluntly replied “the sooner the better.” That’s the sort of partisan gridlock and obstruction we can expect if we elect people like Finkenauer to represent us in Washington. 

While Iowans can’t trust Finkenauer with their prosperity, they can back Representative Rod Blum, a candidate who will proudly support President Trump’s economic policies. 

Congressman Blum has voted with President Trump 92 percent of the time, backing him on taxes, healthcare, and other major issues. 

Abby Finkenauer wants you to think she’ll be an independent voice capable of working with the President for the good of Iowa and the rest of the country, but actually she’ll be just another foot soldier in the army of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  

If you’re tired of politicians who theatrically obscure their positions to win your support, you should vote for a candidate with a clear record of fighting for Iowa’s future, Congressman Rod Blum.

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