President Donald Trump quoted Pastor Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, on Twitter Sunday night. Jeffress was on Fox News and he warned of a “Civil War-like fracture” should Trump be removed from office.

Read below:

President Trump does not quote people he does not agree with, so I think it is safe to say that he believes this.

Some thoughts:

First, Pastor Jeffress does not speak for all evangelicals, no one does. Please stop. His opinions are his alone.

Second, I’m not in favor of impeachment with less than 14 months before the election, but let’s not pretend President Trump didn’t do something seriously inappropriate here. He asked a “personal favor” of the Ukrainian President to launch an investigation of a potential rival. In what world is that appropriate? Also, if there was quid pro quo, then that is bribery with taxpayer-funding for personal gain which would absolutely be an impeachable offense.

If this was meant to be an official request by his administration to advance a Department of Justice investigation then his personal attorney, Rudy Guilianni, should have nothing to do with it.

Third, if the Senate were to convict on impeachment articles which are surely coming now that it appears Democrats will have the votes to impeach, then that means there was some pretty damning evidence that came to light.

Fourth, knowing the seriousness of impeaching a President with less than 14-months before the election, the Republican-led Senate would have to believe it is compelling evidence. Granted, I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell of the Senate convicting the President, but if it did happen then something huge will have dropped.

Fifth, I don’t know how narcissistic one has to be to believe that one person, President or not, would cause a “Civil War-like fracture” in the country. If there is blowback over President Trump being removed from office it will be at the ballot box, not on the battlefield. There wouldn’t have been in 1974 had President Richard Nixon been impeached and removed. There wouldn’t have been one in 1999 had President Bill Clinton been removed from office after his impeachment.

Can we knock it off with the Civil War language? No President is that important.

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  1. No president is worth a civil war. But a war is what this country NEEDS. There are far too many left-wing nutjobs trying to subvert the foundations in which this country was built and push a socialist/communist ideology. And I’ll be god damned if I’m gonna let some pussy fag socialist take my guns, let alone my country! War is the natural cleanser, not unicorns and rainbows. #BringItOn

    1. Curious have you served? Have you fought in combat? I suspect if you have you wouldn’t utter nonsense like this.

      1. If you have and you still do, then there’s something wrong with you. No sane person wants war.

  2. Trump did nothing wrong. Somebody has to get to the bottom of what Biden did. Might as well be Trump, and if Biden didn’t do anything, then he has nothing to fear.

    As for a civil war, I don’t think complacent Americans have the guts for it. However, if we allow this coup to take place, then the republic is lost. It’s not about one man, it’s about the rule of law and the legitimacy of elections. The left will do anything to win, and if we have any of the Democrats as our next president, say goodbye to your rights.

  3. An examination of the transcript of the conversation reveals no quid pro quo. The public statements of the Ukrainian leader indicate he did not feel pressured by the President. It also appears that the Ukrainians were not even aware that federal aid had been delayed. It appears that any delay resulted from concerns about aid being diverted to corrupt Ukrainians or about other Western nations not providing their fair share of aid.

    Are political opponents of the President granted a special “above the law” status where they are immune from investigation, with or without the assistance of foreign governments? Biden bragged about using a threatened withdrawal of aid to pressure Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a firm who employed his son on its Board of Directors. The prosecutor has filed an affidavit whereby he confirms that the Ukrainian president informed him he was being fired based on a threat by Biden to withdraw aid because the prosecutor refused to end the investigation into the firm which employed Biden’s son. This gives ample legitimate reason for President Trump’s request.

      1. I certainly do and also agree with your comments on “civil war”. Nonetheless, an impeachment would further divide the country and energize the President’s supporters, especially in light of the Democrats’ “there’s nothing to see here” response to a DNC and Hillary Clinton funded agent going to Russian government sources to create a dossier of lies which was used to initiate an unjustified investigation of the Trump campaign and to sabotage an elected president. It will be interesting to see if the Justice Department investigation will demonstrate that something close to a coup was attempted by rogue elements in the FBI and other parts of the Deep State.

        I was specifically responding to your comments “let’s not pretend President Trump didn’t do something seriously inappropriate here. He asked a “personal favor” of the Ukrainian President to launch an investigation of a potential rival. In what world is that appropriate? Also, if there was quid pro quo, then that is bribery with taxpayer-funding for personal gain which would absolutely be an impeachable offense.”.

        There is no quid pro quo, The President’s inquiry was justified in order to determine whether Biden violated the law. While there might have been better optics if the inquiry had been initiated by the Justice Department, that is still an executive agency. Any investigation seeking the cooperation of the Ukrainian government would have been blown up into an excuse for impeachment, which the Democrats have been calling for since the President’s election.

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