Shake it Off” and train your toddler to be a Drag Queen! Let’s just say Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota, was a real show stopper last week during Drag Queen storytime. 

We’ve heard of stories here and across the U.S. on Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) taking precedence in our local, tax-payer funded libraries. I initially thought this was a hoax and simply unfathomable until I experienced one myself.  

Here in Minnesota, this fall brought a total of seventeen DQSH scheduled events at our Hennepin County Libraries, and the local mainstream media has done nothing to expose these individuals or their conduct in their locally tax-payer funded libraries. 

Approximately fourteen moms showed up at the Ridgedale Library DQSH. Among them were several grandmas, two dads, and a grandpa. About twenty-two children were ranging in age from infant, toddler, and preschool into the elementary grades were there. There were several instances where I witnessed a few dads with their young ones in tow, and then quickly left when they saw the DQ for themselves. 

Interestingly, the Drag Queen’s name never seems to be revealed until you show up for storytime.  

The librarian shadowing the Drag Queen of the day wore a green “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt. I wonder if this is a library policy being other workers standing around were all in plain clothes. Perhaps the other workers missed the memo. But who really missed the memo was the Drag Queen himself.  

We’re talking a sleeveless cut-off t-shirt resembling SpongeBob SquarePants with midriff exposed, a pink mini-skirt, rainbow ankle socks, and black spiked heels that went above six inches. The wig he wore was mermaid style crimping in the color of bright orange and makeup that was far too much under the neon lights.  

“Sasha Sota,” (as we slowly learned of the name), strode in suggestively past the children, sitting down in a chair before several preschool-aged girls with his legs spread wide, exposing his nylon covered crotch in front of children sitting at eye level. We noticed that he did this often while reading nervously before the children. Honey, if you’re going to act like a lady, you first need to start with sitting like one! 

We were then reminded by the BLM librarian that we are role models for our children, and that “if anyone gets upset – even grownups – you can leave.”  

Gee, why would I get upset that a young man wearing a mini-skirt and his legs spread is sexually grooming children?

Before introducing “Sahsa Sota,” the librarian encouraged the children to put on their imaginary glasses before opening a book. She then read to the children a storybook that emphasized: “All Are Welcome Here.” The book also echoed rumblings of “our strength is in our diversity.” I wasn’t feeling the vibe being too disturbed myself over this man’s clothing, mannerisms, and again, that exposed nylon crotch!

Two books were then read by “Sasha Sota” to the children: Pink is For Boys by Rob Pearlman and Not All Princesses Dress in Pink by Jane Yolen to empower both boys and girls into believing they can be anything they want. I’m not sold on the slow train to transgender fluidity for preschoolers as that is clearly where these books lead, which is, obviously, sexually grooming a child based not just on the attire of the Drag Queen, but the lifestyle accompanied by so many in the drag community.

The children engaged somewhat typical of what that age would do during storytime. Girls mostly commented on obvious things like how they like the color pink or orange or wearing sparkly crowns.  

The event ended with the room dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” song, and all were offered a basket of colorful plastic eggs used as shakers. The event then closed with dress-up time and tables set up in the back of the room for coloring. Photo ops were also offered and encouraged by the librarian to have your child pose with “Sasha Sota.”  

Just before the end of the event, a security guard came into the room. Several adults were then standing around in mini-clusters while looking in my direction. Lastly, it was “Sasha Sota” himself who approached me and thanked me for attending the event.

He quickly sat down next to me on a stool. So I inquired how he got started in drag. He told me he loved theatre, and this is merely a way for him to stay connected. I asked, “All the time?” He responded, “Oh, Yes! I’m in college studying theatre.” Taking note of how he nervously kept flipping back his wig, I inquired what he thought of children. He quickly responded, “Oh! I love children!”

I will point out that not all Drag Queens are pedophiles or convicted sex offenders. Being in theatre during my college years, I noticed that dressing in drag was viewed as an easy out where one could justify these individuals are merely ‘practicing their craft.’ What you don’t see behind the act and the makeup is very dark: self-abuse, drugs, alcohol, and a lot of sex. That IS the nature of the drag community, period. 

As a result, many have marks and scars that deeply embed the soul, yet we are being forced as a society to celebrate this ‘difference’ by allowing adult men – who dress in scant clothing and moonlight in some of the most sexually charged adult entertainment industries – read to impressionable minors.

Take, for instance, Louisiana Drag Queen Dylan Pontiff, who moonlights as Santana Pilar Andrews; he said, “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation.” Pontiff then went on to say that as a drag queen, he has performed in shows for adults that he compared to an R-rated film. According to LifeSite News, “He argued that he should be able to have access to children because, as an adult, he knows how to “filter” himself and make his content PG-rated.”

To date, our own Hennepin County Library denies running any background checks on its Drag Queens. Something tells me this is all about protecting the adults – say nothing about the safety of children.

There was a moment of an awkward pause between myself and “Sasha Sota.” I could see his vulnerability, his naivety, and sensed a deep wound he was hiding. There were so many other questions I wanted to ask him, but I’m not sure I would have gotten to the truth in those few moments of our time together.

He was a lost soul. There is something so very sad and unfortunate for someone so young and starting his adult years in this way. I watched “Sasha Sota” walk out of the room, escorted by a librarian and the security guard. The security guard commented smugly to me earlier when walking by, “What a great program!” No, it was not “a great program” – not for “Sasha Sota,” not for me, not for society and certainly not for our children.

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  1. Thank you for being there, Anne. I appreciate your commitment to children and to our future. This is a hard-to-read, but excellent article.

  2. Thanks. The DQSHs deserve huge pushback – the idea that adult entertainment would be provided in a publicly funded space to children boggles the mind. That these drag queens are not being vetted really drives home the agenda, which is removing the safeguarding of children and protecting the interests of men.

  3. I would love to see uncensored photos to more of this is actually x rated or just weird and bad theatre.
    If they actually exposed themselves then there should be criminal action taken against them.

    1. No one to my knowledge has ever exposed themselves during one of these events. The photos used here are not censored, I’ve not seen any censored photos. The photos we have of DQSH are bad enough.

      The fact you say you would “love to see uncensored photos” of the x-rated variety weirds me out.

      1. I think Clint thought, like I did, that the picture above was blurred out, but on closer inspection it appears that it was just skin colored shorts. So while nothing really is showing, dude needs to sit like a lady if he wants to dress like one.

  4. This is awesome I hope they start doing this at church readings too!!!!

    You go Sasha Soto!!

    1. I wouldn’t hold your breath… Well, I can’t vouch for United Churches of Christ, so maybe there.

  5. The sasha sota’s of the world are struggling mightily with mental and emotional illness. They deserve our compassion and pity. But how did we cross over into telling small children that their behavior is something to emulate? There is mental illness that compels people to torture and mutilate animals…should we have a library day about that? How about a library day for those who would seek to normalize sexual relations with children?
    The mentally ill have been and will always be among us. They need kindness, care, and benevolent aid.
    The evil here is the library who promotes this and, shockingly, the PARENTS who are intentionally exposing and victimizing their OWN children. Mind boggling.

  6. I would advise everyone to read “Mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development” where the UN is working with globalists and elites to transform the world through the minds of our youth. The UN is now in almost every high school, the UN agenda is inside and drives parts of every K-16 curriculum + had entered what was once the rock bed of learning – our public libraries. Sasha Sota presented in my community to a group of sic parents and grandparents who sat there in shock without saying anything. Sasha is the outcome of 50 years of a confused, intentionally messed up male society promoted by feminists who pushed agendas, confusing us about our gender, color + culture. We are past the breaking point where the entire world is all messed up….their perfect time to take over. We are in a civil war to take back our kids, our culture, our country. It may be too late but we can only try. Next time don’t be so Minnesota nice….the state is tanking because of folks like you.

  7. The library is lying when they say they have mostly positive feedback. An army of parents and I have been calling the libraries expressing outlet concerns yet they are. Pearly being ignored. This is such evil out in the open. It boggles the mind.

  8. The most guilty among us for such blatant and perverse exploitation of children are the parents.

  9. Amen! …and to be clear, I wouldn’t want my kids emulating a biological female dressed/acting this way, either. Teach children to seek and to know the true, the good, and the beautiful. I do not see truth, goodness, or beauty in this bizarre display.

    1. Why would a parent stay for another secondafter realizing the program? I am shocked. I would have taken my child and left. Unbelievable!

  10. Who in their right mind would take their children to see this? What is wrong with these adults?

  11. This is LIBERALISM people. See it, feel it and recognize it. This is the face of what Democrats are pushing our society to accept as normal. This is the direction the left is traveling and if people vote for one democrat, they are condoning this atrocity.

  12. You should be ashamed of yourself, suggesting that people are mentally ill and sexually grooming children because they are drag performers. There is not a shred of scientific or medical research that indicates that is in any way true. Your feigned empathy for this performer is condescending and hateful. You are not a Christian in any sense, and YOU are the one sexualizing these events and reading into the event what your hateful mind wants to see. Shame on you.

    1. “You are not a Christian in any sense.”

      Well, that’s interesting. Because she disagrees with you about Drag Queen Story Hour she’s not a Christian?

      Who’s the judgmental intolerant one?

  13. I agree with Mr. Vander Hart. Wanting children to be innocent is perfectly sane and the author of this blog should not be ashamed of herself at all. Drag queens at the neighborhood bar will disagree with you Sarah – it is all about deviant sex. Why would you want to cloak evil behaviour with ‘color’ and ‘cute’ and ‘funny’ and ‘diverse’ to make it seem all right? The consequences of a lost generation, perhaps you are in that lost group, will pay horrible dividends over time. Just sitting with a mini skirt exposing his skin colored shorts weirds me out. Just had a chat with the library about it – they defend it, that is for sure. Perhaps the local moms need to show up en masse to the next city council meeting.

  14. This is so damn disturbing!!! Why do we need to expose our children to such a confused individual!! Why is the world would a DRAG queen come to a public library and want to read to childen? Does he want to be a teacher? Or what is the point???
    What is he trying to promote?Dressed like a prostitute to read to babies? To little ones who don’t know the difference and QUESTION everything? And their parents are left to explain!! Kids don’t forget ANYTHING! and will always remember and be confused about this person.

    Why does he have orange hair? Why does he sit like that? Momma, why I can see between his legs? Momma, why can I see his stomach? Why is he dressed like a girl? Is that a boy or a girl?

    My 7 & 11 year olds would have ENDLESS ?’S! ALL OF WHICH I AM VERY UNCOMFORTABLE answering! And most of answers would be “I don’t know! I can’t explain his behavior. I don’t understand it myself. ”

    And I don’t understand any of it! Why would we need to expose young children to this type of behavior? What are they learning from it? Other than gender confusion?

  15. This information is horrific! My understanding of this “behavior” being presented as “normal” is that it is Satan influencing our children in what would have been considered “Child Abuse” by 90percent of adults only a few years ago. Satan is present in our lives when he has tiniest opening. He comes to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY!
    WHAT will be left is Destruction, chaos and death for all. Thank you for having the strength to share your beliefs.

  16. As someone who considers myself more ‘liberal’ than ‘conservative’, I find such things as ‘DQSH’, abominable. Why would a library sponsor such an event, where they need to inform parents that if they are ‘uncomfortable’, they can leave? Why have such an event where you need to announce that in the first place? Isn’t it incumbent when having story hour for little children at a public library to make it as comfortable as possible?

    For anyone to defend a guy wearing a short skirt, and spreading his legs in front of children – well, shows how completely stupid those employees at the library are.

    A lot of people are going along with this BS because they weren’t taught to pay attention, and stand up for plain, old fashioned common sense sensibilities. In other words, people are being taught to be imbeciles, and cowards.

    Parents, no matter what their political orientation need to stop such idiocy.

  17. Wow! The author of this piece is obsessed with sex! How inappropriate to bring that viewpoint to a children’s event.

    1. Yes, the people objecting to the LGBTQI+ agenda are the ones who are obsessed with sex. It must be nice living in your bubble, meanwhile back to reality…

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