President Donald Trump with Jerry Falwell, Jr.

There may very well be a rematch. Hillary Clinton is dropping hints out of her detached blimp of psychosis that she may run for president again in 2020. She has even stated that she can “beat him again.” This is her ultimate delusion: she actually thinks she beat him in 2016; we just don’t see her victory as she does. Well, that much is true. We don’t see her “victory” because we don’t see what doesn’t exist.

During that 2016 presidential election, a small army of Christian vociferators scolded evangelicals for voting for Donald Trump, that wretched sinner who is, obviously, the arch-enemy of all things decent and Christlike. The most common idea permeating that torrential flood of invectives was that evangelical Christians were “excusing” all of Trump’s immoral attributes for the sake of a cheap endorsement of a cavalcade of pernicious political agendas which included greed, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and shallow bravado. Evangelicals were told they simply “sold out” the Gospel for political advantage and power. They were called cowards, turncoats, traitors — shame on them.

What those who vomited out these arrogant and self-righteous verbal pistol-whippings didn’t (and still don’t) understand is that voting for a politician is not an implicit sweeping endorsement of every sin that politician is guilty of—past, present, or future. The truth is, if Christians voted for a politician based on his personal moral impulses, we would never vote for anyone—ever. I don’t know about you, but every politician I’ve ever seen on a voting ballot has always been a sinner. I’ve never seen any exceptions. Have you? If there has ever been a morally perfect politician running for office in this country, I’d like to know who that would be. Sometimes voting for a politician is necessary to stop their adversary who would do infinitely more damage to the country and to the neighbors we are called to love. I hate to break it to you, ladies and gentlemen, but every time you vote for someone running for office, you’re voting for a sinner. Some people would say that makes you a sell-out. I can’t think of anything more asinine than that.

We have also been told that we should follow the example set by the millennials. After all, they have the corner on the market of superior socio-political wisdom, and the older generation that came before them should reject the notion that they know just a little more than the millennials do, and should shut up and take notes. We are supposed to just accept the fact that since millennials are so intensely “social justice” conscious, that is reason enough for the rest of us to mindlessly bow down and placate their ideological agenda, no matter how idiotic it may be. Has it ever occurred to the millennials that the current Marxist social justice ideology they fawn over with blinding stupidity is poisoning the church, and is incompatible with its true mission? The social justice ideology brainwashing multitudes of Christians is about the mythology of class struggle and white oppression. It’s textbook Marxist nonsense. I recommend we remember what the Word of God says: No lie belongs in the category of truth.

We have even been told by a current well-intentioned generation of Christians that Trump is a racist. This is probably the height of abject nonsense circulating throughout the smug enclaves of the self-righteous millennial voters who are more concerned about condemning others on false pretenses than they are about relying on the righteousness of Christ when it comes to addressing their own moral deficits. The “Trump is a racist” myth is derived from a broader lie spreading like a cancer throughout the land: All white people are morally inferior racists who aren’t aware of their innate bigotry. (You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this idea is itself racist.) The “examples” are taken out of context and reinterpreted to fit the current ideological sewage the Marxist “Christians” are invested in, usually with no possibility of reform.

Whether a rematch occurs or not, the alternative to our flawed and often error-prone president will be one of the Marxist-socialist candidates in the Dementia-cratic Party. Only a blind fool would fail to recognize that our misguided friends on the Demoncrat platform have an unwavering agenda to “transform” this country into a socialist dictatorship where freedom of religion, speech, and economic self-determination (as opposed to economic slavery) will be nothing more than faint memories in the minds of what used to be a free populace.

Oh, and by the way, they are sinners too. I find it humorous that those who hold evangelicals in contempt for voting for such a wicked excuse for a human being apparently think the opposing option would be a paragon of virtue. I guess voting for anyone, but Trump is worthy of the highest acclaim for honoring the Gospel, thus earning an eternal reward in heaven for such a Godly and praise-worthy political decision.

Let’s examine for a moment what the Christian never-Trumpers (who are obviously our moral and spiritual superiors) expect evangelicals to vote for:

  1. Crippling income tax rates. Whether you want to accept this inescapable fact or not, taxing wages, income, and wealth is a form of theft. To make matters worse, there’s a good chance whoever runs against Trump will impose a wealth tax on top of the income tax. This is theft on top of theft. The Dementocrats have promised to raise taxes to pay for their financially crippling policies that will bankrupt this nation and bring hard-working Americans to their knees in submission to left-wing government oppression. To bring the matter into sharper focus, the Marxist government under Democrat rule steals obscene amounts of money from people who work for a living and gives it away as fake “charity” through ineffectual entitlement programs, which the government has neither the wisdom nor the Constitutional authority to administer. A vote for this agenda is a vote for massive financial oppression against the neighbors we are called to love. To listen to a Christian never-Trumper explain how this endorsement of theft honors God (who came up with the brilliant slogan “thou shalt not steal”), and his Gospel would be an entertaining experience indeed.
  2. The clear intention to abolish freedom of speech. The current battle cries of the left are “no free speech for fascists” and “hate speech is not free speech.” The 1st Amendment states that our freedom of speech “shall not be infringed.” It doesn’t add, “unless it offends anyone anywhere in any way.” When a left-wing bloviator shouts “no free speech for fascists,” my standard reply is, “then why are you still speaking?” If you find it odd that I would put the proponents of left-wing ideology in the category of fascism, I would recommend educating yourself on what fascism is. It’s a form of leftist collectivism where the ultimate socio-political concern is to manufacture an ideal society through social engineering and the suppression of dissenting ideas—ones that don’t conform to the ideology of fascism or bow down in worship of the collective. You see, the word “hate” is entirely subjective, and can be defined (or redefined) anyway one wishes to advance a political agenda. In fascism, “hate” is defined as anything incompatible with fascist ideology. Fascism is diametrically opposed to the principles of the Gospel, which calls for people to worship God rather than the illusion of a man-made utopian society. Freedom of speech is hostile to the idolatry of fascism, and that is why the left wants to erase it. To listen to a Christian never-Trumper explain how this endorsement of idolatry honors God (who came up with the brilliant slogan “thou shalt have no other gods before me”), and his Gospel would be an entertaining experience indeed.
  3. The clear intention to abolish freedom of religion. Beto O’Rourke has called for canceling the tax-exempt status of any religious organization that fails to pander to the sick and twisted LGBTQLMNOP agenda. There is no more obvious assault on our freedom of religion than this. But even in the absence of Beto’s trajectory, freedom of religion is still in danger of being swept away into the night under the iron fist of the Dementocrats. Hillary Clinton stated unequivocally that religious convictions that don’t conform to the left-wing progressive agenda “have to be changed.” The left-wing-controlled presidential administration would endorse and promote forcing Christian entrepreneurs like Jack Phillips to bake the cake against their religious convictions, shoot that gay wedding against their religious convictions, and whatever else they think promotes “equality” and non-discrimination—religious convictions be damned. To listen to a Christian never-Trumper explain how this endorsement of injustice honors God (who came up with the brilliant slogan “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God”), and his Gospel would be an entertaining experience indeed.
  4. The preservation and expansion of the abortion agenda. A legislative chamber in New York cheered with thunderous applause recently when a bill was passed protecting the “right” to murder an unborn child up to the day of birth. All the Demoncrat candidates unconditionally support and endorse the death cult of abortion. That means whoever runs against Trump will be an enthusiastic advocate of the brutal mutilation and bloody agonizing slaughter of innocent children. To listen to a Christian never-Trumper explain how this endorsement of cold-blooded murder honors God (who came up with the brilliant slogan “thou shalt not murder”) and his Gospel would be an entertaining experience indeed.

To condemn evangelicals for voting for Trump automatically supports whoever will run against him. Some Christian never-Trumpers claim they are taking the high road by voting for a third party. But this strategy is a miserable failure and a waste of our right to vote. No third party candidate will ever win. So voting for a third party only gives the voter a meaningless feeling of moral superiority and is as good as voting for the Demoncrats and their savage and oppressive agenda. This, in turn, means voting for the loss of freedom to worship God publicly and for sucking the brains out of unborn infants.

We could spend all day explaining how the accusations of greed, racism, and so on against the Trump administration are not only indefensible but thoroughly absurd. And we could spend all month citing examples of how the morally toxic left-wing ideology of whoever will run against him is violently antithetical to biblical principles and the Gospel. So please explain to me again how it’s the evangelicals who are selling out.

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