I talked to a Trump campaign worker this week. He called 169 Republicans to encourage them to attend the Republican caucus in February. I was shocked to find out that NONE of them were aware that there was going to be a Republican caucus this year. Many said, “Trump is going to be re-nominated; why is there a caucus?”

While caucus-goers cast a vote for president at the precinct caucuses on February 3, 2020, the activity does not end there. Republicans will also elect precinct representatives to their local county central committee.  

Republicans will also elect delegates and alternates to the county conventions in March. Precinct caucuses will initiate the process for the selection of delegates to the district, state, and national Republican conventions.  

Platform planks for the county platform will also be submitted, which initiates the process leading to state and national party platforms.  

Candidates for local, state and national office will also visit the voters at the caucuses. 

A Lincoln Bag collection will be taken at each caucus to raise money for the party. 

Anyone who will be 18 by election day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020, may attend and participate in the caucus, provided that they are already registered as a Republican or register as a Republican at the caucus. Younger persons may attend to learn about the process and may even be appointed as junior delegates to the county convention.  

The caucus officially begins at 7:00 p.m., but attendees should arrive at 630 pm or before to be checked in. Early arrival assures the caucus will start on time. Based on experience, lousy weather will NOT result in the postponement of a caucus.  

You can identify your precinct at the secretary of state’s website and caucus locations will soon be available at the Republican Party of Iowa’s website

Why is it important? Media and Democrats will interpret low turnout for the Republican caucuses as low Republican interest in the election. A good turnout will show the world that we are active and enthusiastic about our principles and our candidates.

Republicans have to understand that we will have to fight and fight hard for our candidates and our principles. As of today, Realclearpolitics.com indicates that 46.5 percent of the public supports the impeachment and removal of President Trump, while an equal percentage opposes impeachment. While opposition to impeachment is increasing, it is not a good thing to have 46.5 percent of Americans believe our president should be impeached.

If you are issue-oriented, if you are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-border security, you had better wake up and realize we have to fight! New York and Virginia have passed laws allowing abortion up to the moment of birth and, perhaps, infanticide for infants surviving an abortion. In Iowa, our Supreme Court has held that any laws restricting abortion must be subjected to strict scrutiny, the highest standard of constitutional review. Even Roe v. Wade did not do that!

So, we have to amend our state constitution to provide there is no right to an abortion. That will be a tough fight.

In Virginia, Democratic legislators are preparing to pass oppressive gun control laws, including restrictions on so-called “assault weapons” and “guilty until proven innocent” red flag laws. Since many Virginia counties and sheriffs are announcing that they will be Second Amendment sanctuaries, Democratic legislators have announced support for calling out the National Guard to enforce gun control laws! In Iowa, Democratic candidates, such as U.S. Senate candidate Eddie Mauro, support every restriction ever offered by Beto O’Rourke, including confiscation of “assault weapons.” 

On border security, Elizabeth Warren wants to take down the wall. In Iowa, our law denying state funds to sanctuary cities would be in jeopardy if the Democrats got control of the legislature. 

The fight for our principles begins at the caucuses. We need to elect conservatives to our central committees. We need to have a platform that represents our principles.  

Winning is possible but will require time, effort, and money. It begins at the caucus!

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