Eddie Mauro, a candidate running for the Democratic nomination in Iowa’s U.S. Senate race, announced a six-figure ad buy to run an ad called “Cool under fire.”

In it, he hits U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, on gun violence. They pulled clips from a campaign video from 2014 that showed Ernst at a gun range firing a handgun. The ad then switches back to Mauro to make it seem like Ernst is firing at him.


“One of the reasons I’m running is because of our current senator, Joni Ernst, she thinks it is ok to run ads glorifying guns. She doesn’t seem to care that many of those guns will be pointed at our kids, our teachers, church-goers, movie-goers, concert-goers, our police officers. Well, I care,” Mauro said.

*This is me rolling my eyes.*

Here is the ad Ernst ran back in 2014 before the Republican primary.

So Mauro was so triggered by an ad that he decided to run for U.S. Senate (after running and losing in Democratic primary in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional district in 2018).

I assume this is a digital ad buy since at two minutes it is too long for TV unless they have shorter versions of it. Which, *yay* for those of you who have to endure this streaming your favorite shows and videos.

The Ernst campaign responded to Mauro’s ad calling it offensive:

It’s a ludicrous ad. Mauro makes himself out to be a target in the ad and I’m not convinced he will even win the nomination. He has a panache for putting his foot in his mouth so he would definitely be a weaker candidate to run against Ernst than Theresa Greenfield (at least once she overcomes her fear of cameras).

The Ernst camp is offended because the ad makes light of gun violence, but I would be offended if somebody implied my aim was that bad. Anyway, it’s his money to waste.

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  1. Candidate Mauro’s website reveals that he supports every lunatic fringe gun control proposal imaginable outside of outright repeal of the Second Amendment. These include the confiscation of so-called “assault weapons” through mandatory buybacks; a sales ban on “assault weapons”, “guilty until proven innocent” red flag laws, requirements for gun owners to purchase liability insurance, universal background checks, expanded waiting periods, a license for each gun owned with renewals every 2 to 5 years, monitor and limit the number of firearms a person can purchase, and to allow lawsuits against firearms manufacturers for crimes committed with firearms they produce, a measure which would bankrupt the firearms industry through litigation costs.

    Mr. Mauro’s willingness to believe anything bad reported about guns is demonstrated by his response to a poorly researched Rekha Basu article in the October 16, 2019 Des Moines Register claiming that guns and ammunition were being sold at the Iowa State Fairgrounds gun shows using racism and anti-Semitism. The article gave no examples of either racism or anti-Semitism being used to sell guns or of anti-Semitism being used to sell ammunition. Thre was one weak assertion of “racism” in the sale of non-lethal ammunition, based solely on an anonymous report of the display of a photo of a Black man whose face was disfigured by such ammunition. There was no information on why he was shot or how “non-lethal” ammunition could disfigure his face. There was one example of signs being used to sell smoke bombs, which are not guns or ammunition, with SS lightning bolt “S”s and deathshead symbols. The article also claimed that “Nazi” propaganda was being sold, but the only example was the sale of “historic flags” which included not only Nazi flags, but also flags from the American revolution. Such flags are used by militaria collectors and such use does not constitute propaganda.

    Mauro responded by issuing a press release claiming that “Fair Board Inaction Is Siding With White Supremacy”. Incredibly he claimed that ““Either the sale of explosives, illegal ammunition, and white nationalist propaganda without background checks meet the standards of the Fair Board under the leadership of Gov. Reynolds, Secretary Naig, Gary Slater and ISU President Wintersteen, or they are willfully ignoring their responsibilities here.” Mauro didn’t seem to understand (a) that there was no evidence cited in the article to show that the ammonium nitrate being sold at the show was not in compliance with federal check regulations, (b) that illegal ammunition would still be illegal regardless of whether a background check was required, and (c) not only was there no evidence of white nationalist propaganda being sold, there is no legal authority for a background check for the sale of written materials.

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