VAN METER, Iowa – David Young, Republican candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, on Monday announced the endorsement of 34 current and former Iowa legislators, including current and former leadership of both chambers.

“I am honored by the endorsement of all of these legislators from the Third District,” said David Young. “I got to know these people very well while crisscrossing the district, and they are all very dedicated to their constituents and representative government in the State of Iowa. I look forward to working with them over the coming months to win this seat.” 

The full list of current and former Iowa Legislators:

  • President of the Senate Charles Schneider
  • Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver
  • Speaker of the House Pat Grassley
  • Former President of the Senate and U.S. Ambassador Mary Kramer
  • Former President of the Senate Jeff Lamberti
  • Former Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer
  • Former Speaker of the House Brent Siegrist
  • State Representative and Former House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow
  • Former State Representative Clel Baudler
  • Former State Representative Carmine Boal
  • Former State Representative Dan Clute
  • State Senator Mark Costello
  • Former State Representative Peter Cownie
  • State Senator Dan Dawson
  • State Representative Cecil Dolecheck
  • State Representative Stan Gustafson
  • Former State Representative Brad Hansen
  • State Representative Mary Ann Hanusa
  • Former State Representative Jake Highfill
  • Former State Representative Libby Jacobs
  • Former State Senator JoAnn Johnson
  • Former State Representative Kevin Koester
  • State Representative John Landon
  • Former State Senator Chuck Larson
  • State Representative Brian Lohse
  • State Representative Tom Moore
  • State Senator Zach Nunn
  • Former State Representative Scott Raecker
  • Former State Representative Renee Schulte
  • State Senator Tom Shipley
  • State Representative David Sieck
  • State Representative Ray “Bubba” Sorensen
  • Former State Representative Doug Struyk
  • Former State Representative Rob Taylor
  • Former State Representative Ralph Watts

“I have stayed out of the political arena for the last few years, thinking I’ve done my service, and time to make room for others. However, this time the stakes are just too high,” said former President of the Senate and former U.S. Ambassador Mary Kramer. “I believe the current House of Representatives is failing at its most basic constitutional tasks, and we must do everything we can to bring a new direction to Congress. David Young has proven he can provide leadership and get things done. I support David Young for Congress.”

“David Young gave Iowa a voice in the halls of Congress,” said Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver. “David’s leadership on the Appropriations Committee ensured Iowa wasn’t forgotten when it came to legislation, and he cut red tape for our citizens, business owners, manufactures, and farmers. I look forward to him returning to office and continuing that relationship.”

State Senator Tom Shipley said, “Rural Iowa has a true friend and leader in David Young. As a member of Congress, he showed up, he listened, and he took those concerns back to Congress and simply got things done. Now more than ever we need someone who truly understands how Washington D.C affects us here in rural Iowa, and that person is David Young.”

State Representative Mary Ann Hanusa said, “I am proud to continue my support for David Young. As a member of Congress, David listened to his constituents and worked hard to represent them. The people of Iowa’s 3rd District will be David’s highest priority. He is a leader and he is my friend.”

David Young was elected to serve Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014 and reelected in 2016. He served on the influential Committee of Appropriations. Before his service in the U.S. Congress, Young served Iowans as U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Chief of Staff from 2006-2013. A graduate of Johnston High School and Drake University, Young is a seventh-generation Iowan and resides in Van Meter.

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  1. Congratulations! We are so pleased to hear this. We support you totally. While I may not be working the primary in June – (age related COVID19) will see you in November election in Van Meter. AlWays a pleasure!

  2. How is he on gun rights? On illegal immigration? What about his record from when he was in office. These endorsements don’t mean anything to most voters. What counts is what how he votes on the issues.

    1. You know, there’s this thing called Google. 🙂 I think his voting record on those two particular issues is pretty good, but I know he has votes on other issues I disagree with. I will rarely find a legislator who has a record I agree with 100 percent.

      I did interview him almost a year ago now so I encourage you to listen to that. Anyway, I inform the best I can, but I don’t do scorecards.

      I thought I had his primary opponent on the podcast and I haven’t yet. I am going to try to have him on in the next couple of weeks.

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