DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) reports 83 additional positive cases of COVID-19 for a total of 868 positive cases in 71 counties. There were an additional 519 negative tests for a total of 9,973 negative tests to date, which includes testing reported by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs. According to the IDPH, with cases where they have additional information, there are 91 Iowans hospitalized, 74 are discharged and recovering, and 542 were never hospitalized. 

More than 10 percent of all positive cases in Iowa are occurring among long term care staff and residents. More than 40 percent of all deaths in Iowa are associated with outbreaks in long-term care facilities. This statistic underscores that COVID-19 poses the most risk for older adults above the age of 60 with chronic health conditions, resulting in more severe illness and death.    

The Iowa Department of Public Health says public health officials continue to work closely with Iowa’s long-term care associations and facilities. They state they are providing guidance for sick residents, transferring residents in need of care to hospitals, continually monitoring the health of other residents and staff, and implementing additional infection prevention measures. 

IDPH reports an additional eight deaths: 

  • Appanoose County, one elderly adult (81+) 
  • Johnson County, one older adult (61-80 years) 
  • Polk County, two older adults (61-80 years), one elderly adult (81+) 
  • Linn County, one elderly adult (81+) 
  • Scott County, one elderly adult (81+) 
  • Washington County, one older adult (61-80 years) 

These deaths bring the state total for fatalities related to COVID-19 to 22.

According to IDPH, the locations and age ranges of the 83 individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 include:

  • Allamakee County, one older adult (61-80 years)
  • Benton County, two middle-age (41-60 years)
  • Black Hawk, one adult (18-40 years), one middle-age (41-60 years)
  • Boone County, one middle-age (41-60)
  • Buchanan County, two adults (18-40 years)
  • Cedar County, one older adult (61-80 years)
  • Clarke County, one adult (18-40 years)
  • Clayton County, one older adult (61-80 years)
  • Clinton County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years)
  • Dallas County, one adult (18-40 years), one middle-age adult (41-60 years)
  • Hamilton County, one older adult (61-80 years)
  • Henry County, two elderly adults (81+)
  • Johnson County, seven adults (18-40 years), three middle-age adults (41-60 years)
  • Jones County, one adult (18-40 years)
  • Linn County***, 3 adults (18-40 years), 8 middle-age adults (41-60 years), 4 older adults (61-80 years), 7 elderly adults (81+),
  • Louisa County, one elderly adult (81+), four middle-age adults (41-60 years)
  • Muscatine County, two adults (18-40 years), three middle-age adults (41-60 years), one older adult (61-80 years)
  • Plymouth County, one adult (18-40 years)
  • Polk County, three adults (18-40 years), eight middle-age adults (41-60 years), two older adults (61-80 years)
  • Scott County, three adults (18-40 years)
  • Shelby County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years)
  • Tama County, one older adult (61-80 years)
  • Warren County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years)
  • Washington County, two middle-age adults (41-60 years)

***IDPH attributes 70 of Linn County’s 161 positive cases (43 percent) to an outbreak at a long-term care facility. 

IDPH provides a status report of monitoring and testing of COVID19 in Iowa here. Also, IDPH established a public hotline for Iowans with questions about COVID-19. The line is available 24/7 by calling 2-1-1 or 1-800-244-7431. The state of Iowa has started sharing the number of negative tests conducted at outside labs and is providing additional information on the conditions of those infected with COVID-19. 

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