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Good Friday… Such an odd name to commemorate a brutal execution of someone who was innocent, at the behest of a blood-thirsty crowd, and completed on a cruel, rugged Roman cross. Yet, Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is good.

Jesus as recorded in John 19:30 says just before dying, “It is finished!” What was finished? Why is that good? John Calvin explains in his commentary on this verse.

It is finished. He repeats the same word which he had lately employed, Now this word, which Christ employs, well deserves our attention; for it shows that the whole accomplishment of our salvation, and all the parts of it, are contained in his death. We have already stated that his resurrection is not separated from his death, but Christ only intends to keep our faith fixed on himself alone, and not to allow it to turn aside in any direction whatever. The meaning, therefore, is, that every thing which contributes to the salvation of men is to be found in Christ, and ought not to be sought anywhere else; or — which amounts to the same thing — that the perfection of salvation is contained in him.

There is also an implied contrast; for Christ contrasts his death with the ancient sacrifices and with all the figures; as if he had said,” Of all that was practiced under the Law, there was nothing that had any power in itself to make atonement for sins, to appease the wrath of God, and to obtain justification; but now the true salvation is exhibited and manifested to the world.” On this doctrine depends the abolition of all the ceremonies of the Law; for it would be absurd to follow shadows, since we have the body in Christ.

If we give our assent to this word which Christ pronounced, we ought to be satisfied with his death alone for salvation, and we are not at liberty to apply for assistance in any other quarter; for he who was sent by the Heavenly Father to obtain for us a full acquittal, and to accomplish our redemption, knew well what belonged to his office, and did not fail in what he knew to be demanded of him. It was chiefly for the purpose of giving peace and tranquillity to our consciences that he pronounced this word, It is finished. Let us stop here, therefore, if we do not choose to be deprived of the salvation which he has procured for us.

It is complete. It is done. I don’t have to do anything else. I don’t have to look anywhere else. On Good Friday, 2000 years ago Jesus totally, finally, completely paid for my sin. How can I not call that good? All I had to do was confess with my heart that Jesus is Lord and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the grave so that I could be saved from the very sin that Christ died for (Romans 10:9). It is available to you as well. All you have to do is ask. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know how.

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