Iowa Department of Health’s Assessment Levels by Region
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DES MOINES, Iowa – On Saturday, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) reports 648 additional positive COVID-19 tests for a total of 5,092 positive cases in 85 counties. IDPH also reports 1,730 negative tests for a total of 29,258 negative tests to date, which includes testing reported by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs. 

They note the number of positive cases will continue to grow as Test Iowa sites open, and additional surveillance testing of large businesses and nursing home staff continues. A total of 34,350 people, one in 91 Iowans, have been tested for COVID-19.

According to IDPH, an additional five deaths were reported in the following counties:

  • Black Hawk County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years) 
  • Johnson County, one older adult (61-80 years) 
  • Polk County, one older adult, one elderly adult (81+)   
  • Scott County, one elderly adult

To date, 112 Iowans have passed away due to COVID-19, and 1,723 have recovered. 

According to the Regional Medical Coordination Centers (RMCCs) run by the Iowa National Guard, 293 Iowans are hospitalized with 38 of those within the previous 24-hours. 

There are 108 patients in ICU, and 60 are on ventilators. The RMCCs report there are 3,886 inpatient beds, 518 ICU beds, and 681 ventilators available statewide.

  1. And our governor is going to start opening up some things!?
    I would like to know how a person can social distance at the Farmers Market!?!? This is just asking for more people being infected and dyingWhy does it always come down to the “almighty dollar”!?!? We are still experiencing higher numbers right now!!! This is just ludicrous!God help us!!!

    1. Keeping booths six feet apart, not allowing common seating areas, getting rid of activities and entertainment, limiting the vendors to only food or farm products, police there to make sure people are not in groups of ten or more.

      Then the fact people who believe as you do won’t attend. We are not going to have the same size crowds as we usually have.

      Also, a vaccine is years away if one can be developed at all. We can’t keep doing this forever. We are also experiencing higher numbers because of additional testing. Do you know what we are not experiencing? A higher hospitalization rate or mortality rate.

    2. The Stanford study and USC studies show a far greater rate of infection than what was being tested. Those numbers also dropped the mortality rate in Santa Clara and Los Angeles counties down tremendously. Lots of infected, little death. Same is true with a study in New York State.

      Yes, COVID-19 is hard on those with underlying conditions and the elderly. It can be serious. Precautions should be taken. At some point you have to look at the data that is coming in and ask, what is justifying us continuing to keep our economy shut down? This doesn’t mean absolutely everything goes back to normal. In May, it’s time to start opening things up.

  2. I’ve heard from several people that have claimed to have had it. They did not even go to a Dr. My daughter has it. She went to the Dr to be checked for Strep throat but has CV. So far, that’s it. Sore throat.
    We don’t usually go to the Dr for a cold or mild case of the flu. I’m thinking that many many people have been exposed and it will be over soon. Herd immunity, esp here in Waterloo due to Tyson’s. Everyone goes to the grocery store.

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