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DES MOINES, Iowa – U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, announced the endorsement of eight state legislators for his re-election campaign in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District. King, who turns 71 on Thursday, has served in Congress since 2003 and faces a five-way primary.

He received four endorsements from members of the Iowa Senate, including State Senators Dennis Guth, R-Klemme, Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig, Mark Segebart, R-Vail, and Zach Whiting, R-Spirit Lake.

“Fourth Congressional District Republicans have been served well by Congressman Steve King since he went to Washington. Congressman King has been a consistent constitutional conservative that has stood his ground on religious liberty, marriage, and, most importantly, life. He has my full, enthusiastic endorsement for another term,” Guth, who represents Iowa Senate District 4, stated.

Schultz, who represents Iowa Senate District 9, said, “Congressman King has been a longtime ally and friend of the United States Constitution and the people of the Fourth District. I was honored to carry the torch for his Heartbeat Bill and to help lead it through the Iowa Legislature. Congressman King is deserving of our support and has earned another term in the United States Congress.”

He dismissed criticism leveled at King.

“When my friends are wrongly attacked, I stand by my friends. I’m asking you to do the same with your vote on June 2,” Schultz added.

Segebart, who represents Iowa Senate District 6 and will retire at the end of his term, said he couldn’t imagine who would replace King as Iowa’s conservative leader.

“As I prepare to finish my time in the Iowa Senate, I realize just how important it is that our elected leaders are just that — leaders. There is no voice more conservative than Congressman Steve King. He has shown not just a willingness, but an ability, to articulate our core conservative convictions that are so often so right yet lack someone who can convey the right message. It is difficult to imagine just who would be Iowa’s conservative leader if not Congressman Steve King, and that’s why I am endorsing him for Congress,” he stated.

Whiting, who serves Iowa Senate District 1, was a congressional staffer for King.

“The experience I gained while working in Congressman King’s office was invaluable. Serving on Congressman King’s staff, I saw firsthand the importance of surrounding yourself with men and women who share your deepest, most important convictions. I encourage fellow Fourth District Republicans to support Congressman King in the primary,” he said.

Additionally, King received the endorsement of three current members of the Iowa House, including State Reps. Ted Gassman, R-Scarville, Steven Holt, R-Denison, and Mike Sexton, R-Rockwell City. Former State Rep. Ralph Klemme, R-LeMars, also endorsed him for a tenth term.

“Rare is the conservative politician in today’s age who never lets his constituents down. But that is exactly what Fourth District Republicans have in Congressman Steve King, and it is exactly why I proudly support his re-election effort. Congressman King has shown a willingness to stand and fight, even when it is not easy. He has also retained a desire to help conservative legislation pass here at the state level, which not every congressional representative does. He is a true statesman and someone I’m proud to call my Congressman,” Gassman, who represents Iowa House District 7, said.

Holt, who represents Iowa House District 18, did not plan to endorse but said the mailers attacking King changed his mind.

“Early on in this Congressional race, I made a decision not to endorse anyone. However, after seeing the slanderous mailings being sent out against Congressman Steve King and after hearing inaccurate statements made by Randy Feenstra in the debates, I have made the decision to tell you why I’m voting for Congressman Steve King. Congressman King is attacked and accused of many different ridiculous things precisely because he is highly effective in promoting our conservative values in Washington, D.C., and right here in Iowa. He is the same person behind the door as he is in front of the door – I know, I’ve seen it. Congressman King has been the conservative standard-bearer for our great state. He’s earned my vote,” he said.

Sexton, who represents Iowa House District 10, pointed to King’s conservative record.

“I’ve known Steve King since I’ve become involved in politics, and he was my mentor when I was first elected to the Iowa Senate. We are fortunate here in the Fourth District to have someone representing us in the United States House who is as committed to conservative principles and as dedicated to conservative causes as Congressman Steve King. Often our neighbor, our friend, our representative leaves for Congress and comes back a politician. Congressman King has remained true to himself, true to his convictions and true to his Fourth Congressional District roots. I am proud to say I support Congressman Steve King,” he stated.

Former State Rep. Ralph Klemme of LeMars served in the Iowa House from 1993 to 2005, said Iowa’s 4th Congressional District Republicans can trust King.

“We know Congressman Steve King. He’s done a fantastic job for us. He has integrity, a strong Christian faith, believes in a balanced budget, and he’s pro-life from conception to natural death. Congressman King is strong for our biofuels and is a champion for our agriculture industry. Many of our elected officials say one thing while campaigning and do another after being elected. Congressman King always stays true to his word and the promises he makes in Iowa; he follows through on in Washington. I fully support Congressman King, and I ask Iowans to do the same when voting in this Primary Election,” he said.

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