DES MOINES, Iowa – Ahead of the three U.S. Senate Democratic Primary debates airing this week in Iowa, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst’s re-election campaign launched the first video of a new series of videos entitled “Theresa Greenfield: Unplugged and Unprepared.” The videos will demonstrate how utterly unprepared Greenfield is to lead, especially during a national crisis.

The first in the series, debuting today, highlights a recent response Greenfield gave the Des Moines Register editorial board to a question of whether President Donald Trump is on the right track in Afghanistan with the agreement with the Taliban.

“I’m not always clear as just an everyday Iowan, um, why, what and how. Um, but, as United States Senator I want to be clear. Um, so that I could speak up in favor or not in favor. Whether it’s, you know, whatever the locations are around the world,” Greenfield answered in part.

Watch her full response below:

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