A narrative is being pushed by my opposition to make you think there are only two choices in Iowa’s 4th District—the incumbent or the hand-picked establishment candidate Randy Feenstra backed by PACs and those who know he will “go along to get along.” 

This team claims I’m running only to “split” the anti-King vote to help Steve King win. That is the most ridiculous myth in this race. Many, if not most, of my supporters, if they could not choose me, would return to King or opt for Richards or Reeder but would not vote for the establishment candidate Randy Feenstra because he’s shown a propensity to compromise when money is involved. He has allied himself with dubious groups, and dials it in using outside vendors and groups rather than engaging in real grassroots work. 
Furthermore, I have clearly laid out the issues that I have with Steve King’s electability: ineffectiveness on committees critical to the families of the Fighting Fourth and unhelpful commentary and distractions that don’t advance life or liberty. But that doesn’t mean paid-for bloggers or media or Feenstra surrogates get to use me to advance what they want to say about the man.

Another myth lumps all of us together and says everyone running against King is a RINO “Never Trumper.” In fact, I am supported by President Trump’s first Co-Chair of Iowa (Ret.) Colonel Brian Miller instead of a close Feenstra adviser who called President Trump “treasonous.” I didn’t delete ten years’ worth of Twitter as Randy Feenstra did including calling President Trump a “bit of a novelty act” but now photoshops their heads together at every chance they get. Instead I call President Trump Commander-in-Chief. I have an “A” from the American Conservative Union that puts on CPAC.

Look, the reality is this. There’s one reason I’m running: I’m a man who loves my country, who entered this race not out of disdain for Steve King nor support for him but out of love for a nation whose Constitution I have sworn an oath to uphold and protect as an Army National Guard Chaplain and Major.

I will not trade being elected to this seat to be bankrolled by someone that could compromise my faith, my constitutional principles, my 10-part Defend Life plan, or a balanced budget amendment.

I’m in this race to win for our nation so we have leadership for a broken and broke Congress who has forgotten its Article I duty, that doesn’t know how to stand for fiscal and moral health, that uses the crises of health and injustice not to overcome but to divide, and that no longer works for families, farmers, faith, or freedom.


  • For the plight of the unborn with a specific 10-part Defend Life plan.
  • For the next generation so we give them an inheritance, have fiscal reserves for such times as this, and not pass to them a $26 trillion debt that in less than a decade will bankrupt our country.
  • Against an establishment whose own party has walked away from fiscal responsibility and limited constitutional government and who on issues ranging from the border to the 2nd Amendment needs more of a spirit of 1776 and Freedom Caucus than weak-kneed acquiescence.
  • For a safe and secure border, relating the personal experiences as the husband of a naturalized citizen on the importance of following the rule of law.
  • For small business, as a family business owner who knows that regulations can be onerous to the entrepreneurial spirit of risk and reward. I know this is about true grit, as I remember painting our small business until midnight and then showing up outside the nearby plant at the 6 a.m. shift to hand out advertising flyers to those walking in.
  • To preserve and protect the American Dream, an equality of opportunity, not outcome. This is personal to me as the great-grandson of Italian immigrants who achieved great things through understanding that education was the greatest means of upward mobility in a free land, not last name, class or money.
  • For entitlement reform and getting people back to work as we re-open our economy. I will support work requirements for any government aid program. Even my great uncle, born with stumps for legs in 1912 – Henry Viscardi, Jr. – found a way to earn a doctorate, write books, open businesses and advise U.S. Presidents. Only in America, could Uncle Henry have achieved his dreams: “Not with a handout but an opportunity to compete on the free and open market.”
  • On behalf of our Ag community to beat back over-regulation and advocate on issues ranging from indemnity payments, ag export markets, the Renewable Fuels Standard, transparency in beef pricing, antitrust laws.
  • With our Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump who says, “America will never be a socialist country.”
  • I will share the stories of when my wife first realized freedom coming here from Vietnam after a lifetime of dashed dreams under socialism. I’ll tell the stories of fellow faith leaders in Romania repressed under socialism. And I’ll use these experiences to demonstrate what happens to a people whose religious, economic, and personal liberties are constrained because I know first-hand where the Green New Deal and socialized medicine and leftist ideology would ultimately take us.
  • To develop solutions to the rising cost of health care, college student debt, and tax policy that respects free-market solutions and the limited role of government laid out in the our Tenth Amendment.
  • For fellow veterans who have sacrificed so much for every single one of us.

I’m a tried and true constitutionalist who has an A ranking from the American Conservative Union and NRA with a 100% pro-life voting record. I’ve a record of accomplishments at the statehouse and county courthouse level that overcame divided government but still passed solution-focused legislation and resolutions.

Don’t believe the polls any more than you should have when the media (and even our own establishment) claimed Hillary Clinton would beat President Trump by over 12 points and that Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum had nochance to win Iowa. 

The debates changed everything. Here is a sample of responses from hundreds and hundreds of calls yesterday:

  • “I’ve heard your name even more here and this is his Senate District.” -Cherokee Co.
  • “I was in Sioux City yesterday and man your signs are EVERYWHERE.” – Plymouth Co.
  • “They don’t go after the shrinking violets and we’ve seen in this race that the more you do what’s right, the harder they come after you.”- Cherokee Co.
  • “The debates lifted you up above the others.”- O’Brien Co
  • “You had my vote before you called.” – Cerro Gordo Co.
  • “As far as I know Randy Feenstra never set foot in Ida County. We already voted for Jeremy Taylor.” – Ida County
  • “It’s between you and King for us down here.” – Harrison County

Now is the time: Would you join me in this great calling and endeavor? I’d be honored to have your vote tomorrow in the June 2 primary.

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