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It’s Friday! Since most of our news consumption consists of bad news, especially during this time with a pandemic, rioting, protests, murder hornets, alcoholic killer monkeys, meth gators, and squirrels carrying the Bubonic Plague. I wanted to take the time to offer up some non-political positive and good news. Something that can inspire us or, at the very least, make us smile.

1. Be The Moon

Just listened to a new single released on Thursday from Chris Tomlin that features Brett Young and Cassadee Pope.

2. This kid is a real hero.

Real heroes don’t wear capes and they are not always adults. Six-year-old Bridger Walker in Wyoming protected his little sister from a dog attack by stepping in front of a dog running toward her and keeping himself between her and the dog.

That’s brave, let’s pray for his recovery.

3. A once in a lifetime event.

Martin Rietze captured a picture of the Neowise Comet from Italy as it passed the earth from 64 million miles away. Wow.

4. If only dogs could talk…

Well, this one learned to with the use of a sound board.

5. Speaking of dogs…

This is Bleu, our five-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog, and it is rare that he holds still long enough for me to get a picture like this. He’s quite the handsome boy.

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Mr. Bleu, why so serious?

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