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Approximately 25 percent of Americans claim to be evangelical Christians. But a recent survey sponsored by my really good friend, Len Munsil, president of Arizona Christian University (and conducted by the renowned George Barna), reveals that many self-professed evangelicals don’t actually believe in fundamental principles of the Christian faith.

For instance, 52 percent of evangelicals say there are no absolute moral truths. Truth is relative, personal, and situational.

That’s what the world believes, not what the Bible teaches.

Then 75 percent believe that people are basically good.

That’s what the world believes. The Bible teaches that all men are sinners and, left to our own devices, our hearts are desperately wicked.

It gets worse, 43 percent believe that Jesus sinned while on earth.

I don’t even know if the world’s beliefs are that bad!!! That’s just flatly outrageous and a contradiction of so much Scripture.

Also, 58 percent believe another outrageous heresy: they say the Holy Spirit is only symbolic. Which, of course, makes Jesus a liar when He said the Holy Spirit was coming. Maybe that’s one of Jesus’s many sins according to these “evangelicals.”

And unsurprisingly, unacceptable numbers have untenable views about applied theology on issues like abortion and marriage. If their foundations are so messed up about truth, Jesus, sin, and the Holy Spirit—little wonder they get other stuff wrong.

If you think you are an evangelical and agree with any of the positions I have mentioned in this post, I want to urge you in the strongest possible manner—you need to change churches immediately!!!!!

Your pastor has been committing malpractice—assuming you have been going and listening.

Find a pastor who will tell you the truth without apology. NOW!! Your soul depends on this.

A sinful Jesus can’t save you. You need a church that will teach you that Jesus was sinless, and you aren’t.

J. Vernon McGee used to say there are three kinds of people. Believers. Non-believers. And make-believers.

The people identified by this survey are clearly make-believers. And I hate to break it to you, but your eternal destiny is the same as a non-believer with perhaps some extra judgment thrown in.

Weak and false pastors are to blame. And faithful pastors are the help you need. Find one. NOW.

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