Jo Jorgensen with supporter
Jo Jorgensen with supporter | PC: Gage Skidmore

In 2016, I was registered as a liberty-wing Republican, but I did not vote for President Trump. Today, I am a registered Libertarian (who will still vote for the right liberty-oriented Republican candidate) and am delighted with our party’s choice of presidential nominee for the 2020 election. There are plenty of reasons why Republicans should consider voting for Jo Jorgensen over President Trump, but here are my top five: 

National Debt

Our national debt is currently more than $27 trillion, and it is rapidly increasing. We tend to act as if this debt will never touch us citizens, but really we are putting this burden on the shoulders of the next several generations who will feel its crippling impact. Jorgensen would seek to audit and end the Federal Reserve; veto any bill that increases spending, borrowing, and the debt ceiling; and eliminate unnecessary departments and executive agencies. 


Jorgensen’s position on taxation? “As President, I will work tirelessly to slash federal spending, make government much, much smaller, and let you keep what you earn.” After too many years of tax-and-spend Democratic policies and cut taxes-and-spend Republican policies (both of these leading to the very national debt already mentioned), having a leader in office who would seek to cut both taxation and government spending is refreshing. 


Jo Jorgensen thinks parents map out the best educational path for their children, and that communities can determine their own educational needs better than the federal government can. She would eliminate the U.S. Department of Education and seek to encourage states to get rid of mandates that stifle innovation in education. She would also encourage school choice, acknowledging that a zip code should not determine a child’s future and that every child should have the opportunity to be educated in a way that fits them best. 

Second Amendment

A vote for Jo Jorgensen is a vote to protect your right to bear arms. While President Trump has allowed for additional regulation, such as the bump stocks ban, Jorgensen opposes regulations that would make it more difficult for people to purchase and carry a weapon. She also opposes allowing people to sue gun manufacturers for how a weapon is used, opposes weapon buyback programs, and supports allowing teachers to be armed. 

First Amendment

Finally, Jo Jorgensen seeks to uphold the First Amendment in every way. She believes that campus freedom of speech at publicly funded schools and universities should be upheld and that businesses should be allowed to deny service if the request conflicts with their religious beliefs. She also believes that restrictions on the right of people to peaceably assemble (such as in recent protests) should not be allowed. 

If you want to vote for liberty and limited government on November 3rd, look no further than Jo Jorgensen.

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  1. Nice article. Those are things traditional constitutional conservative republicans can get behind!

  2. Then there are the five reasons democrats should vote for her which are likely five reasons republicans shouldn’t and we’ll, there you have it. Another libertarian loses big.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding! You somehow forgot to mention that Jo Jorgenson is pro-abortion! There has been no more pro-Second Amendment, pro-First Amendment and pro-life candidate than President Trump!

    Let’s be clear. As a practical matter, a vote for Jo Jorgenson is a vote for Joe Biden. Conservative votes wasted on Jo Jorgenson, Kanye West or whatever fringe candidate you pick, will put us into Joe Biden’s promised “Dark Winter”, a winter which may last for generations.

    All the Democrats care about is obtaining power and rigging the system so they will retain it forever. If they obtain complete control of the federal government, they will deep six the senate filibuster as “racist”, so they can pass whatever agenda they want. They will pack the Supreme Court and turn it into a super legislature which, through interpretation and construction, will destroy or severely limit our rights to keep and bear arms, to speak freely and to practice our religion without government interference. The right to bear arms is also “racist” and “speech [or silence if you fail to shout their views] is violence”. And how dare the Little Sisters of the Poor or Hobby Lobby try to escape paying for abortions merely because it violates their puny sexist, racist, homophobic religious faith!

    You don’t want your teenage daughter to have to compete against and share her locker room shower with gender confused men? You silly goose! Only women who want abortions have a right to privacy! Not your daughter in the school shower!

    The Democrats will legalize and give voting rights to 22 million illegal aliens. They will bring more into the country and legalize them if it helps them maintain power. It doesn’t matter if it hurts the country.
    It’s about power, baby! Making D.C. a state to give them two more senators is just a speed bump!

    They will use the federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to spy on and persecute their political opposition, just like they did with Trump and his subordinates. It doesn’t matter if they fabricate a case. The goal is to bankrupt you with legal fee costs even if they can’t convict you. If you stay out of prison, you will learn to keep your mouth shut.

    The Biden Administration plans to impose $4 trillion in new taxes and to also spend $7 trillion more than is spent now. What will that do to the national debt? Once the economy is wrecked, you will learn to accept government “freebies” and to depend on government not on yourself. And you better stay in line if you want those freebies.

    Do you think that you will be allowed to communicate your opposing views? Look at what the media and Big Tech are doing to censor the Hunter Biden Laptop story. Want a further hint at whose side Big Tech is on? Well, among Theresa Greenfield’s biggest contributors are Alphabet (Google-her biggest contributor), Facebook, and Microsoft.

    WAKE UP! This election is FAR too important than to waste your vote on a fringe candidate! Vote Republican and save our country!

  4. Nothing quite like a futile, principled vote that enables a worse outcome. Be real, for a change.

  5. That was one of the worst 5 reasons why you should be President. Well in my opinion I say no thanks but I’ll take a chance on President Trump again, he’s got the best track record and that’s what I look at not the personality but the results

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