Our vantage spot of the Iowa GOP Election Night Party where U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, will speak.

Welcome to our 2020 Election Night live blog. We will update periodically as we go through the night. Most recent updates will be on top. Be sure to refresh your browser periodically.

11:52p – The CT team is leaving the Iowa GOP party. Kelvey is signing off for the night – Shane may pick this live blog back up later as news comes in. Thanks for joining us!

11:50p – The results are in – the Iowa 1st and 4th Congressional Districts went red tonight.

11:39p – Senator Ernst gives victory speech to the crowd gathered in Des Moines.

11:33p – Gracious concession speech from former Congressman David Young.

11:25p – In case you didn’t realize…

11:22p – Iowa Speaker of the House Pat Grassley addressing the crowd in Iowa about Republican won seats.

11:18p – Governor Kim Reynolds takes the stage and announces, “We have proven without a doubt that Iowa is a red state.”

11:16p – With over 90 percent reporting, the Iowa Senate race was just called for Joni Ernst by Fox News.

11:13p – Ladies and gentlemen, President Trump has won Iowa.

11:00p – Jeff Kauffman, Chairman of the Iowa GOP, is rallying the troops and just brought State Senator Jack Whitver to the stage.

10:53p – Texas was just called for President Trump, and the race to 270 is ramping up.

10:44p – Ohio was just called for President Trump.

10:32p – New Mexico was just called for Biden.

10:24p – ICYMI, Madison Cawthorn will be the youngest person in Congress.

10:22p – Arizona was called for Biden and for Kelly over McSally.

10:17p – Voters in Iowa State House District showing their thoughts about their State Representative getting an OWI.

10:11p – Shane stating the obvious, in case you needed it.

10:05p – Florida was officially called for President Trump.

10:01p – Idaho has been called for President Trump.

9:56p – Tweeted current counts in a few Iowa House races from Shane.

9:48p – Missouri Governor Mike Parson has won the state’s gubernatorial race.

9:44p – (Kelvey is taking over.) Ladies, word of advice for tonight – whether or not you love the message of the MAGA hat, it is a hideous accessory and pairing it with your pretty dress is ruining your outfit. This has been a PSA.

9:39p – No bueno.

9:38p – Utah was called for Trump.

9:36p – Ok, I don’t have anything interesting to blog at the moment.

I do call Iowa Senate District 14 for Amy Sinclair. (She’s running unopposed.)

9:26p – Electoral College Count: Biden – 129 Trump – 109 (270 to win)

9:25p – The Chinese Yuan is starting to tank.

9:15p – Kanye West only has 300 votes in Iowa. The newly minted voters must not have voted yet, he came in third in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll.

9:09p – Philadelphia will not announce anymore mail-in ballot results tonight. This seems hinky.

9:04p – Polls are closed in Iowa. Results are starting to come in, early results will tilt left.

8:55p – South Carolina is called for Trump, and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., wins re-election.

8:52p – More folks at the Iowa GOP watch party.

8:45p – Some organizations are holding back on calling Virginia. Fox News stands by its decision.

8:43p – This is remarkable.

8:40p – Electoral College Count: Biden – 129 Trump – 100 (270 to win)

8:37p – Betting odds have flipped to favor Trump. Interesting. By the way, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania report election day voters first and then their mail-in ballots.

8:30p – Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist points out that Trump is closing the gap with Latino voters, in particular, Cubans, Venezuelans, and Columbians.

8:29p – Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina wins his Congressional race.

8:23p – If numbers hold, this is why Biden lost Florida.

8:21p – Iowans are still at the polls. Only one district, Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, is not competitive. Unless something weird happens, State Senator Randy Feenstra, R-Hull, will be the next congressman from that district.

8:19p – Fox News projects that Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives and expand their majority by a least five seats.

8:16p – According to Karl Rove, liberals have spent millions to win control of the Texas House and it doesn’t look like they will do it.

8:14p – This is interesting. Was Virginia called too early? However, this may not include early votes.

8:05p – U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb., wins re-election. Cynthia Lummis, the Republican nominee in Wyoming’s U.S. Senate race, wins her race.

8:00p – Trump is the projected winner in Kansas, Nebraska (four of five), North Dakota, and Wyoming are called for Trump. New York called for Biden. In Colorado, John Hickenlooper defeats U.S. Senator Cory Gardner, R-Colo, for the first U.S. Senate seat flipped tonight.

7:58p – Some possible calls coming up.

7:50p – A few more people are at the Iowa GOP Watch Party. Still over an hour out from polls closing here.

7:46p – Electoral College count: Biden 91 Trump 73

7:45p – Arizona’s polls close before Iowa’s. Weird.

7:40p – Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, tweeted:

Probably not.

7:36p – Fox News talking about the Trump campaign had a significant ground game compared to Biden and it could make a huge difference in Florida.

7:34p: Shane chats with David Young, Republican candidate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. He said there was much less pressure running this year compared to when he was an incumbent in 2018 since he could go on the offense. He looks pretty relaxed.

7:33p – U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., cruises to victory over his Libertarian opponent. Democrats did not have a candidate run.

7:32p – Trump wins Arkansas. North Carolina polls just closed.

7:22p – Indiana is called for Donald Trump.

7:13p – Just a reminder that Pennsylvania will not count their absentee ballots until tomorrow. We won’t know election results in Pennsylvania tonight.

7:12p – People are trickling into the Iowa GOP Election night party. Polls don’t close until 9:00p, so we won’t know anything Iowa specific for awhile.

7:07p – 83 percent of vote counted in Florida, Trump is up by a half a point.

7:05p – D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Maine (three of four, Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is undetermined), and New Jersey are called for Biden.

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma are called for Trump.

7:02p – Florida polls are now closed. Biden is lagging behind in Miami-Dade County.

6:56p – So for only four states called in the presidential race: Kentucky and West Virginia for President Donald Trump. Virginia and Vermont for former Vice President Joe Biden. West Virginia’s U.S. Senate race was called for U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, R-Wv., and the U.S. Senate race was called for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

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