On Sunday, Sidney Powell, attorney for General Michael Flynn (U.S. Army, Ret.), told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News that they have identified “at least” 450,000 ballots in key states with a vote for Joe Biden for President and no one else.

“We have identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden on them, and no other candidate,” she said.

Bartiromo responded.

“You have a list of numbers of ballots with only Joe Biden on the ticket,” she said. “You say it’s 98,000 ballots in Pennsylvania, 80,000 to 90,000 in Georgia, another 42,000 in Arizona, 69,000-to 115,000 in Michigan and 62,000 in Wisconsin.”


Look, I think if there is evidence of voter fraud, it should be investigated. I’m on record saying there should be a manual recount of counties in Michigan that used the voting software where one county had a “glitch,” which impacted 6,000 votes.

So, yes, investigate evidence of fraud and whistleblower claims of fraud. The Trump campaign should issue a challenge if they think they have evidence of voter fraud.

What Powell says sound nefarious when you don’t have context.

Could some of those ballots be fraudulent? Possibly.

Instead of dealing with assumptions and suspicions, I want to deal with facts and context. Historically, Americans cast more votes for President than they do down-ballot. That is just a fact.

For instance looking at U.S. House races:

  • 2000: Republicans received 3.46 fewer votes in House races than they did for President. Democrats received 4.41 million fewer votes.
  • 2004: Republicans received 6.08 million fewer votes in House races than they did for President. Democrats received 6.05 million fewer votes.
  • 2008: Republicans received 7.69 million fewer votes for House than they did for President. Democrats received 4.26 fewer votes.
  • 2012: Republicans received 2.70 million fewer votes for House than they did for President, Democrats received 6.27 million fewer votes.
  • 2016: Republicans received 188,987 MORE votes for House than they did for President. Democrats received 4.07 million fewer votes.

Do you see a trend here? Just because someone under voted does not mean it was fraudulent. It could be, but you can’t assume that it is. Using this logic, any ballot cast for just President Donald Trump and no one else would also have to be considered fraudulent.

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  1. Sorry Shane. When 100% of paper ballots by harvest, mail and absentee are found overnight and delivered and are Biden votes, not one for Trump, and no other candidate it is a statistical impossibility. I’m willing to accept Biden as President only after thorough investigations. I also say this as someone who has had her vote stolen, in Iowa. I had to fight for my provisional ballot and when I reported it I was told that either I had forgotten I’d voted or it was just a simple mistake and nothing to get upset about. The Heritage Foundation has been tracking all voter fraud for many years, but sadly, no one seemed to care until now except for those of us lost our vote to fraud and thereby, lost our voice.

    1. Andrea,

      You are arguing against things I didn’t say. I never said Trump should concede. I didn’t address any other allegations of fraud. I never said there wasn’t any fraud. Yes, I’m skeptical that enough fraud will be found for it to go President Trump’s way, but that’s not the same thing as saying we need to move on.

      I addressed one, just one, line of argument from the Trump team that with historical context is not very compelling.

  2. Shane, why did you pick that one thing? Want Trump voters to submit while the socialists destroy the republic and get away with stealing an election? The corruption was rampant, and the one thing you decided to discuss is inconsequential compared to the rest of the evidence of rampant fraud.

    1. I never said voter fraud could not be contested, in fact I said the opposite. You are putting words in my mouth.

      If you want to debate, do it in good faith.

      I guess I didn’t bring up everything else because I have not had the opportunity to read through their court filings yet, that’s the only thing out there that matters. That is what they are willing to bring to court. I addressed this because it is a horrible argument and I saw it being shared all over the place.

  3. Hi Shane! Enjoy reading your column. I’m a Missourian. And an election judge in my county. I’ve been a judge and then supervisor since 2004.

    I understand what you said about the down voting. But I think your analysis by percentage of FEDERAL VOTES has another element missing..
    FEDERAL ballots most always have other issues to vote on printed on them.

    Even in the few Presidentials Ive worked, people rarely only make ONE mark on a federal ballot. Especially Federal elections. Since the feds pay for a good portion of the ballots to be printed, states, counties and cities use the federal election seasons to add different causes and contests to those elections in order to save money on ballot printing costs, AND to ensure tge high number of voter turnout will will show up to vote those local issues.

    I’ve never seen a Wayne County MI ballot, but most elections I’ve worked over the years the ballots overwhelmingly have many marks per side. Constitutional amendments, bond issues, propositions…Fire District issues
    Street maintenance issues, etc.

    Something gets marked because the ballot has so much to select from. And voting citizens normally fill out their ovals, regardless of whether they understand the issue very well. The oval is there..they mark them.

    I feel it’s rare to have a ballot without the caring citizen showing concern of some kind with most issues. THEY WILL MAKE A GUESS VOTE RATHER THAN LEAVE IT BLANK.

    Personally, in conversations after elections with folks at the store, club or church, many will indicate how they were uncertain of a few issues. But they voted a non federal issue regardless. And because of those regional and local issues varying by state snd counties, that tendency to fill in the ovals is just too strong for most folks to pass by.

    Voters– by far and large–will make a mark rather than leave ovals blank.

    If Michigan’s ballots had issues as well as people, only the only truly voted ballots WILL have more than one mark.

    JMHO, but I stand by it. Lol



    1. It’s the same in Iowa. In Johnson County (a Democrat stronghold), there were over 3,000 undervotes for Vice President Joe Biden who didn’t vote in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District race that could have benefitted the Democratic nominee Rita Hart. As it stands, the Republican nominee, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, leads that race by 40 votes.

      I can’t debate your experience, but I think undervoting is more common than we realize.

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