Pro-life sign at St. John’s Catholic Church in Onawa, IA.
Photo credit: Katrina J. Houdek (CC-By-SA 2.0)

We dwell in a land of subjectivity. All truth is relative, all stances are subjective, and on and on we go. Realistically, this is false, and all objective truth remains objective truth, no matter how much people complain or try to consider it otherwise.

An issue that is found to be officially regarded by culture as subjective is the argument over life in the womb. “Pro-choice?” culture asks. “Great! Whatever you do with your body is your choice. Pro-life? Ugh, if you have to be, it’s your choice, but don’t condemn those who don’t think like you!” It is all labeled subjective, masquerading as personal choice.

This is so extremely twisted from the truth. If there’s one issue in the United States where subjectivity cannot be afforded any longer, it is this.

For too long has this issue been allowed to pass under the guise of ‘subjective’, even from the pro-life movement. We may tell pro-choicers that we disagree with them, but even in our arguments against abortion, we allow room for subjectivity, differing opinions. We say ‘we think’ instead of ‘you are’; there is too much gray left.

In the matter of life, either you’re right, and a fetus is just a clump of cells the mother can dispose of at any time, or I’m right, and a human is being slaughtered with each abortion that takes place.

This is a matter of urgency, and in urgent matters, you can’t afford any gray area.

It is when we are sleepily content in letting things remain somewhat subjective, even things of urgency and great importance, that culture is destroyed. Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and Christian philosopher in the 1600s put it well when he wrote, “People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive.”

We cannot afford to have our opinions on issues be mere opinions anymore, based on what we find attractive. They must be concrete beliefs, imbedded in proof. They must be factual, real, and carry the ability to disprove the other side. We cannot fight for life with subjectivity.

In a great battle, you bring with you tested weapons of war. You wouldn’t use something that has not been effectively proven to protect life and demolish the enemy. That would be suicide. In the same train of thought, we cannot battle for life in the United States when we approach it as a great battle of opinion. It must be viewed as a war for the lives of Americans, a war fought over wrong versus right.

We have been conditioned into subjectivity because it is much more comfortable to tell someone that you disagree with them rather than boldly saying, “You’re wrong.” If we climb out onto a limb, we’re afraid that it will break, and we don’t want to fall. Yet, by doing this, not only are we kidding ourselves into complacency, but we are not fighting for the lives of unborn people like we truly should.

Know your facts, know them backwards and forwards. Fight a good fight, and don’t be afraid to stand up boldly for the unborn and tell culture that abortion isn’t a matter of disagreeing opinion, it is murder, and it is wrong. Wars aren’t won with complacency, culture isn’t won through subjectivity.

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  1. We do need to be more willing to not shrink from the truth…but it has to be balanced with actually being effective. Being nice, polite, non-confrontational– however one wants to phrase it– has made some progress, but it’s a hard sell against “you can get rid of this situation that scares you, and it doesn’t hurt anybody– and if anyone makes you feel bad about it, they are bad.”

    If you tell people they are wrong, they are very likely to respond emotionally.

    If you tell them (truthfully) that they have been lied to about the science, it is slightly easier.

    We’re about half a century into lies, the folks who started the lies are either safely dead or unlikely to be identified, the tactic might work.

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