coffee-laptopI’m looking for people who are interested in being contributors at Caffeinated Thoughts.  As you can see we blog about a number of different topics here so you don’t have to be a political blogger.  I’d actually love to have contributors who want to write about topics such as: homeschooling, movie & music reviews, apologetics, video blogs (interviews, man on the street), podcasters, etc.   You can also write about state and national politics as well.  Some qualities we’re looking for in regular contributors:

  • People who have trusted Christ to be their Lord and Savior.  We are openly and unashamedly a Christian online media venue.
  • If you write about politics you must be a fiscal and social conservative, we are also up front and unashamed about being a conservative online media venue.
  • Humble and respectful.  It is more important to be winsome than to win arguments. 
  • If you write about theology our preference is to have those who are Reformed/Calvinist blog, but I am willing opening that up for those who like to write on apologetics and for some healthy, respectful debate among our contributors.
  • People who can write well, use good grammar and know how to spell.  (I shouldn’t have to say this, but there you go.)
  • Willing to write once-a-week (or more) and are willing to engage with your readers as they comment (within reason,  you don’t have to get sucked into an endless debate).

I’m not looking for long posts.  I would rather see more frequent shorter posts than sporadic longer ones.

If you’re interested email me at [email protected], send along a bio and some writing examples.


Shane Vander Hart

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Caffeinated Thoughts

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