Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s Myopic Vision for Education in Inaugural Address


During Governor Terry Branstad’s Inaugural speech on Friday he laid out principles that would be part of his administration’s new covenant with the citizens of Iowa.  One of those principles centered around education.  He said that the fourth principle “must be a renewed commitment to provide the best education in the world.”  He noted that […]

(James) Eric Fuller: Nutburger of the day

Yesterday, having seen the ridiculous quote by Eric Fuller regarding the Tuscon tragedy, I suggested he was an idiot. Today, I’m inclined to think he’s nuts…and a perfect example of the most outrageous Leftist behavior. Here’s what Fuller did and said at today’s town hall meeting in Tuscon according to ABC News: Towards the end […]

Saturdays are for Enjoying Good Poetry

I recently discovered that Monergism’s blog, Reformation Theology,  has a great section of poetry written by Nathan Pitchford. Diversely Excellent, is one of those great poems: True Son of God, true Son of Man, Both terrible and fair, What various attributes you span! Perfections ah! how rare, How vast are in your person blent, And […]