Iowa Caucus Live Results (Update: With Commentary)

Scroll over the heat map below for live results:

I’d appreciate it if you’d share your caucus stories from your precinct below.

Update: I’m on a live webcast with Tony Katz of All Patriots Media and Craig Robinson of The Iowa Republican.

Watch live streaming video from desmoineslocallive at


They’ll flash a number from time to time feel free to call in.

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  • Christopher

    No speaker for Romney in 4 Boone precincts. (The crowd applauded.)

    • Shane Vander Hart

      Anybody get that on video?

  • LarryInIowa

    No speaker for Ron Paul in Pleasant Hill Two.  What’s with that?

    • Shane Vander Hart

      He didn’t have as good as organization as we were led to believe.

  • SJ

    Talk about a nail-biter–Santorum is ahead by 45 votes!!