Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz speaks at the 2013 Capitol Youth Day along with Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds.

Des Moines, IA – Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz earlier today in Council Bluffs announced that he was running for the open seat in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race.  He spoke on the phone with Caffeinated Thoughts about his decision to run.

“Well it’s simple my family, “Schultz said.  “I look at where our country is going, and as you know I’ve got five children and I’m concerned about their future and the future of this country.  Are they going to grow up in the same country I grew up in.  So I talked to my wife and we did a lot of talking and praying, and I just knew that I had to run for this seat.”

Schultz said that repealing Obamacare was going to be one of his campaign’s primary issues.  “The Obama health law needs to be repealed and we need to put a system in place – a free market system,” Schultz added.

He also wants to go to Washington to reduce spending.  “We have to control spending which means a balanced budget –  something that forces the President and Congress to come together to balance the budget.”

He also said he wants to push for a constitutional amendment for term limits.  He said that both members of the House and Senate should be limited to 12 years, two terms for Senators and six terms for members of the House.  “In 12 years you should be able to get everything done that you set out to do and if not it is somebody else’s turn,” Schultz added.

Schultz said he was pleased with the kickoff to his campaign starting with his announcement press conference with 50 people in Council Bluffs.  “It has been a great day, we have a lot of momentum and I am excited about this race.”

Some of his supporters have indicated concern about the office he will be leaving, and that they are afraid the Secretary of State seat is vulnerable.  Schultz disagreed, “I’m confident that any Republican who supports voter ID and integrity will win.  It is a 70% issue that the people of Iowa support and there a lot of names being bounced around.  I am confident that we will have a great Secretary of State to pick up that mantle.”

He added, “When I look at things the only thing holding back the dam, keeping the dam in place is the House of Representatives.  It is the only thing holding the President and holding Harry Reid in check.  As my wife and I talked about it, we prayed about it, we both felt I had to run for Congress.”

When asked what are the top two or three things he wanted Caffeinated Thoughts readers to know about himself he said, “Number one, I’m a conservative.  I stand up for what I believe in, even if the media doesn’t think it is popular.  I stand up and I fight for Iowans.  I also don’t think a lot of people don’t realize that as a city councilman in Council Bluffs I voted against the city tax levy every year.  When Dr. Carhart tried to come to Council Bluffs and open an abortion clinic I fought it and I won.”

He also noted that as Secretary of State he worked to streamline military voting, honor veterans, and encourage youth to vote.  “I have been a champion for voter ID and election integrity,” he added.  “I think these are the kinds of things people want to see in Washington and I’m going to take my experience there.”

Schultz also discussed his view of education policy at the Federal level.  “I think the role of education needs to be with the local school boards and parents.  That is where (the decision making) needs to be, not with the federal government.  Every community is different. Parents and communities can make those decisions about education.  That is the way it has been traditionally and that is the way it should be.”

Schultz joins U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s chief of staff David Young and Des Moines teacher Joe Grandanette in competing for the Republican nomination.

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  1. Hey, I’d love to elect a guy responsible for a quarter million dollar boondoggle such as the voter fraud witchhunt. In all my years in industry, if I had spent 150 grand with few to no results, I would have been fired. And scultz is asking to be elected.
    But of course, republicans will focus on the fact that he is a republican, and ignore his failures.

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