Slow News Week A Boon For Captain Obvious


The news has been relatively slow for the Des Moines Register over the last week or so.  The Iowa Legislature has less on its plate than previous years and Iowa’s news is generally good news – which isn’t as newsworthy. So, last week, the Register apparently hired Captain Obvious to write some stories for them.  […]

Iowa Right to Life Legislative Wrap-up


By Eric Goranson & Norm Pawlewski The Iowa House Republicans were unable to convince Democrats in the Senate to support the Sweeney Amendment. This amendment would have ended taxpayer funded abortions in Iowa and prioritized family planning funds to ensure comprehensive health care providers were funded to the fullest extent possible. Iowa Right to Life […]

Backward Sovereignty

If you were to ask most Americans what the highest level of government is, they would probably tell you the Federal Government.  What’s the next highest level of government?  They’d more than likely mention State governments and so-on “down” the list of governing entities until they began listing their city council or school board.  This […]

Rick Santorum and the Palmetto Freedom Forum


As the Iowa Director of the American Principles Project, I’m very proud that our organization is hosting the Palmetto Freedom Forum Debate on Labor Day, Monday, September 5.  It will be broadcast on and CNN at 2:00 PM (CST)/3:00 PM (EST). Since announcing the lineup of candidates attending, however, supporters of Rick Santorum and […]

Christians In Politics

Few would dispute that power corrupts.  The kind of power wielded by elected and appointed officials, activists, special interests, and bureaucrats often results in a special kind of corruption called “politics.”  In America, the People are empowered by our founding documents in a way unique in history.  Our power as citizens can corrupt us as […]

Terry Branstad’s Education Summit: A Good Start, Now Let The Hard Work Begin


During Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s Education Summit, I was struck by the relatively balanced list of speakers, the diversity of ideas, and the civil tone of those in attendance as they listened to everyone’s points of view. I was also fascinated by the backchannel discussions on Twitter using the hashtag #iaedsummit. The two speakers who […]